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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Typical Puraran Kids

While vacationing, I wandered off in the village of Puraran with my camera in tow. I took pictures that struck my fancy. The boy above caught my attention right away. He was wheeling a "kareton", a toy made out of bamboo, which he used for transporting drinking water home.

You see how happy these kids were even with no wealth. Notice, one of them was shoeless? But, not for long as she will have her pair of sandals soon.

Out of curiosity, I followed these little kids and was amazed at my discovery...their beautiful hiding place. This is where the kids get their drinking water which they call untreated natural spring water. The moment they arrived at the scene, they made themselves comfortable by sitting on their favorite spots. I thought it was cute.

Isn't this little girl cute? I love how I captured her beautiful smile in picture.

With all containers filled, she was getting ready to head back home, walking barefoot again on the loose gravel...just imagine that.


Wil said...

the kareton -- what a clever way of transporting water. :-)

Belle TH said...

@wil, isn't it clever? i have seen several kids running around the beach with "kareton" but only in this particular area.

Heart of Rachel said...

It's nice to see children enjoying the simple things in life.

sexy mom said...

Belle, these pictures prove that money is not everything. these people may not have material wealth but i guess love and happiness spring from their hearts...they are among God's lucky wonders.

Belle TH said...

rach and dine, true true, money is not everything in this world. believe it or not, these pictures bring back memories of childhood years.