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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dinner and American Idol

While waiting for the American Idol much awaited result, I whipped up some healthy and savory dinner. The show had so much commercials and fundraising in between for two hours, so to make time more useful, I spent half of the time in the kitchen. One good thing about having a kitchen and dining open floor plan, you can cook and still be able to see what is going on in the living room.

I usually don't cook elaborate dish because my husband is on special diet, my daugher is very choosy of the foods she eats, and so I often find myself digging for leftover in the refrigerator. Tonight, I was all pumped up and ready to get dirty in the kitchen, eyes fixed on the television part of the time.

Tofu and Shrimp Stir Fry dish came to my mind. Lucky, I had all the ingredients in the refrigerator: cube of tofu, shrimps, pechay (bok choi), lots of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sweet soy, and chinese vinegar.

It came out really delicious! It was so easy to fix, and it is healthy. If you want the recipe, please let me know and I will try to come up with one, otherwise, bon appetit!

Here's the recipe:


light soy sauce
sweet soy
chinese wine vinegar
thin strips ginger
crushed garlic

Per the picture, cut the tofu into cubes of your size preference. Marinate in generous soy sauce, 1 T (tablespoon) of sweet soy, and 1 t (teaspoon) of wine vinegar, strips of ginger, and lots of crushed garlic for half an hour.

Put 2 T of olive oil in pan and brown the tofu cubes on each side on medium heat.

De-shell the shrimps, (de-vein if you wish), and add some soy 1 T of soy sauce, 1 t of sweet soy, 1/2 t of wine vinegar, and 1 t of cornstarch. Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

Wash pechay and cut into bite size. I like to blanch it in hot water with a teaspoon of oil before I add it to the dish the last minute.

Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan, add garlic, and ginger from the tofu marinade, and fry it gently until golden brown. Add the shrimps, stir fry until brown. Add the browned tofu, the veggies and mix all together. The cooking shouldn't take long. For gravy, use the tofu marinade, add some broth liquid or water to make 1/4 cup. Add a heaping teaspoon of cornstarch and mix well. Add to the dish and let it thicken and mix everything together.

Remove from pan and pour it on the serving plate. It should look like this. You may add some chopped green onions for garnishing.

Note: I just poured out whatever it felt right so the measurements that I gave you may not be accurate especially for the gravy. On this particular dish, I used light soy.


vernaloo said...

Belle I like it but is there anyway we can use another ingredient instead of tofu? I'm not really fond of it :)

joy-joy said...

i would love to try your special dish. looks yummy and healthy. btw, i posted my reply to ur query in my blog. let's exchange links. ;)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. I love tofu and shrimps. Great combination. I'm definitely interested and would love to have the recipe. It looks really delicious!

Elyani said...

Belle, I think I'll have to invest a drool bucket before I come back to your blog. Everything and I mean everything is so mouthwatering.

rhodora said...

Mukhang masarap! Alam mo, Belle, hindi ako masyadong matiyagang magluto, but whenever I am in the mood, I whip up delicious dishes that my kids clamor for more!

Belle, you know what, my daughter, remember her college preference? She got it! She was able to avail of a 50 percent study now pay later tuition scheme. Without our knowing it, she was pursuing, working on the application on her own!

You were the first person that came to my mind when we finally got the word of her grant. I really appreciate your concern over my daughter that you even talked it out with your husband! Belle, you are indeed a friend! Thank you for wishing us well, and for your encouragement!

iskoo said...

its a co incident, i also cooked petchay with tofu in soy sauce, the only diff is that i used pork instead of shirmp. nice, next time i will try shrimp.

pining said...

that looks scrummy... shall try it!

k said...

Kapag shrimps, di ko aatrasan yan.

On iDol, weird, all of them were SAFE. Pampalubag loob pero next week, dalawa na ang tatanggalin. I didn't know you watch these too?

Belle TH said...

@vern, you can fish, scallops, or veggies in replace of tofu. i thought tofu is delicious and i am sure my daughters can attest to this..hehe

@joy-joy, good luck! yes, it is definitely healthy and delicious as well. the gravy was flavorful because of the shrimps.

@rach, me too! my daughter S likes to request it a lot. my husband watched us with envy when we were eating it last night. i didn't even have to use seasoning cubes or any flavor enhancers.

@elyani, hehehe, i know you are crazy of tofu dish, too. contrary to what people think that tofu is nothing but bland, i think it is quite delicious if you fix it right.

@rhodora, bibihira rin akong magluto and if i do, mas prefer ko ang fish and tofu dishes. okay rin ang chicken basta organic siya, mas masarap!

re: your daughter's college. ohh how nice! congratulations!! you see, they must have seen that sincerity in your daughter's application letter and if you were incharge of the admissions, would you have a heart to turn this kid down? nah! her tenacity paid off! i am happy for Gem! am happy for you, too and your hubby! your daughter is off to the school of her dreams. yeheeeyy!

@iskoo, wow, it is nice to know you cook. sige itry mo ang shrimp next time and let me know what you think. the trick is not to use too much liquid.

@pining, if you have high-o-meter tolerance, you can add some fire to it.

@k, ang shrimp naman kahit anong luto masarap eh.

i watch american idol religiously and my favorite is Jordan Sparks because she is not only a terrific singer, she is from AZ, too. you follow this show, too, and is it shown live there in HK?

joy-joy said...

na link taka nman. midbid mo si star tribiana?

Belle TH said...

@joy, thanks! star tribiana? taga sain? baga dai daw? anong batch mo? 78 ako, gurang na!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks Belle for the recipe. It looks simple enough for someone like me to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

Thanks for your comment. Ensaladang mangga is just green mangoes cut into small cubes combined with tomatoes cut the same way plus bagoong on the side. :) Perfect with many Filipino dishes. Masarap na pampagana.

faith said...

Marhay na aldaw, kabayan.

Your recipe came just in time. I was thinking of buying shrimps but cooking them in the old sinigang way is just too boring. I have the sweet soy sauce, but I don't think I've seen Chinese vinegar in SM supermarkets. Anyone here know where I could buy that or if not, cOuld you pls. recommend a substitute?

Thanks, Ms. Belle!

Belle TH said...

hi there kabayang faith,

maray na aldaw man saimo. substitute for chinese vinegar could be cooking wine, or lemon juice. our regular vinegar is probably too strong for this dish. if you can't find cooking wine, try substituting about a teaspoon of lemon juice.

joy-joy said...

estrella tribiana, jose tapel, meda mercado... mga professors sa csc. bte, igwa akong ipost na mga pics na kua ko sa ibat ibang parte ning bato. check mo na lang aban aban.

Belle TH said...

@joy, if star, jose, and meda belonged to the younger batches, (78 ako)then i may not know them. pero igwa ako ning bistong star, who was skinny, little, with light complexion.

zherwin said...

hi ms belle, nice to be back here at ang sarap naman ng salubong sa akin, tofu!! i like it fried and it's also good with ginisang monggo instead of the usual pork or shrimp. tofu gives new taste to ginisang monggo :)

Dexie said...

that looks good. i havne't had tofu in a while. might try this sometime :)

A Mother of Two said...

Belle, this looks delish!!! I will try this soon. Can't wait to go back to regular diet hehehe. Thanks for sharing.

Belle TH said...

@rach, i missed your comments. thanks for the recipe of enseladang manga. am salivating already.

@Zherwin, tofu and monggo? i have never tried this combo before. would keep that in mind.

#dexie, it is a dish that doesn't make you feel guilty even if you eat a little too much. but, if you haven't eaten it before, it takes a little while to get used to it.

@mother of two, hehehe..now, i solved the mystery. i was wondering how to get in your site for a while, i didn't realize i already found my way. you fooled me! congratualtions my friend...take good care of yourself and the baby. if you were nearby, i wouldn't hesitate to cook a dinner for you, honest!

KK said...

Sarap naman ng ulam ninyo. I try to cook tofu more often. I really like it fried just like you did it. I also use ground turkey instead of pork(control husband's cholesterol).

Belle TH said...

kk, i cook tofu often as kids love it too especially if i stuff it with shrimp and pork filling. sooo good!

niceheart said...

Belle, nawala yata yung comment ko. I was just saying that I could enjoy this dish too. Kaya lang matagal iprito ang tokwa. :)

And that we have a TV in our kitchen so we watch American Idol and other favourite shows while having dinner. :)

annamanila said...

I will try out that yummy looking dish -- although shrimp is a bit of a tall order (mahal mahal kasi). I do have a tofu-pork dish that is similar -- instead of pechay i add kinchay -- pwede din with black beans.

Thanks for sharing so many delightful things with us, Belle.

I am also an AI fanatic. It's just about the only thing I watch on tv. fortunately, we have to suffer only few commercials here. I just love Simon, i know his boor-act is scripted -- though i am sure he has really a gift for devastating oneliners. My fave idol finalists are melinda and jordan.