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Saturday, April 14, 2007

It is Prom Night

Update: I took the prom dress today to Macy's mall in Phoenix for a refund or an exchange without the receipt. My daughter threw the receipt thinking that she didn't need to return it. Guess what? They were so apologetic about and felt so sorry for my daughter. Since they didn't have the same dress available on stock for an exchange, the manager gave me more money for what the dress cost, which will the cover gas and for the distress that it caused my daughter. I thought it was good business. Thanks Macy's.

Pahabol: this was taken on the prom night.

It is prom night at P High school. Daughter A is going to the prom again for the last time before she goes to college this fall. Things started out good. When I got home from work at about 4 PM, I saw her sitting on the couch applying nail polish on her nails and looked relaxed . She wasn't dressed up yet and so I asked why. She said, "it is only 4 PM and C is not going to pick me up until 6 PM." So, I let her be.

Then at 5:15 PM, she started applying make up and fixing her hair. I thought I was going to help her with the make-up, reason why I came home half an hour early from work. She said she could do it herself and could get it done in 15 minutes. She didn't need my help after all. Everything was under control until she was about to put her dress on. "Mom, look!" Oh my! The security tag was still attached to the dress. Macy has done it again. The salesgirl left the security tag on the garment. I knw those tags are impossible to remove except with a special tool. I tried yanking it on each side but to no avail. She then asked for daddy's help. Daddy immediately got up and headed to the garage. He found a plier and wedged it in between the tag. Suddenly, a yellow paint squirted all over her dress. It was an ink-security tag! "Oh my, what shall we do?" I tried washing it off but it made no difference.

Lexie remained calm while I felt devastated. I was mad! Mad at myself for failing to notice it at the store. Mad at Macy for not doing their job like they were supposed to. And why didn't we notice it before the prom? Why or why? All these reprimanding questions will certainly not help A on her prom night. A, however, never showed her frustration and remained positive about the whole thing. She said, "it is okay." I said, "let's just hope no one notices it."

Let's see if you can detect the marks on the last two pictures.

Arrrgh! What a disaster!

Taken on the rock lawn in front of our house.

Taken in the back porch.


Chateau said...

Your daughter is lovely, I'm sure the paint would not be noticeable at all when it's on such a pretty girl!

cruise said...

maganda pala sana yung security tag kasi kapag pinilit pala alisin ay may ink na makikita, pero naman makakalimutin pala sila at nakakalampas sa door nila yung security tag?? grabe.

your daughter is really beautiful.

maping said...

Belle, she is such a beauty! Disasters happen when we don't expect them. I like your daughter's attitude towards it. I'm sure when they got to the prom she forgot that the paint is even there then just enjoyed the night away.

k said...

Macy lacks of security doors (and trained staff for that matter) if the security tags was left unattached in the dress. You know the feeling as you walk passed that stupid alarm door.

Looking at the "disaster", I, too would be mad. But despite of, natabunan naman yun dahil sa ganda ng prom dress sa anak mo.

Next time, don't use the plier - martilyuhin mo na, basag yun agad. :)

Belle TH said...

@chats, thanks. this morning i asked her to look at her prom pictures. she didn't want to see it.

@maping, i think she just didn't want the incident to affect her prom night. i am sure she was conscious of the paint especially during the picture taking. she has to position herself in a way that the paint would not show.

@k, oo nga, ganda sana ng dress kasi simple lang pero elegant. ang akala ko kasi bago nila isinupot sa plastic, they took the security tag off. my eledest daughter suggested that she returned the dress demanding full refund. puwede kaya yon?

dexiejane said...

she looked gorgeous.

have you heard of tide-to-go? those thing supposedly take stains out on the go.

dangkin said...

hay naku nalang.. pero di bale, gabi naman e, tska carry naman nya... gorgeous girl!

oo nga ate, ibalik nyo at mag demand ka ng full refund.. try mo lang, wala namang masama sa kung mag try ka, di ba? malay mo... sayang din yun.. :)

Wil said...

had no idea those security tags had ink. Well, at least your daughter kept a positive attitude. Hopefully, A and C still had a great time at the P high school prom. :-D

KK said...

Hi Belle,
It's a good thing Lexie has a positive attitude and she looks lovely. Can't you take the dress back and tell them how it cost you so much stress during your daughter's prom night? You can at least exchange it or get your money back.

NursyE said...

What a trooper!!! Such a lovely person with a matching lovely attitude...

I would take the dress back and leave them my 2 cents worth... gggeeezzzzz!!!

mousey said...

ang pretty ng daughter mo at poised na poised pa rin . di na yan mahahalata saka gabi na.

annamanila said...

No I didn't notice paint nor trace of it in the last pictures. So how did you do it? I agree, Lexie could have gone to the prom with tyedye shirt or in after-12 midnight cinderally rugs and she'd still be gorgeous.

julie said...

My, what a lovely pair! They complement each other's clothes. Good thing your daughter has a good attitude so everything was fine. :)

Belle TH said...

cruise, hindi ko namoderate yong comments mo kaagad..sorry. they put those security tags on the garments, they should see to it that they take off before they are taken out of the mall.

@dexie, thanks! tide-to-go will take off paint? will keep that in mind.

@dankin, yup, am planning on returning it. good thing the paint didn't show in the pictures.

@wil, i wasn't aware of ink in the security tags either. what for?

@kk, yup, she remained calm throughout the ordeal while i was hysterical..hehe. i will update you on what happens next.

@nursyE, thanks amiga! she definitely doesn't take it from mom. unfortunately, she lost the ticket but we'll still go ahead and return it.

@mousey, thanks. exactly what i said to my daughter.

@anna, i didn't do anything to the dress. she managed to conceal the paint during the prom night's photo shoot.

@julie, thanks! she has a positive attitude, thank goodness!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry about the dress but I'm sure no one noticed because people were busy admiring your lovely daughter's face and sweet smile. I admire her for being so cool about the whole thing.

Belle TH said...

thanks rach, for the kind words. she ended up telling her friends about it.

KK said...

Hi Ate Belle,

Good to hear it worked out so well. See, that's the good thing about it here in America. That's customer service!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. Just read your update regarding the dress and glad that Macy's compensated you for the dress and the hassle it caused.

niceheart said...

Your daughter is so beautiful, belle. And she has the same smile as yours.

I also like how she reacted to that disaster. Doesn't it amaze you how our children can keep their cool in situations like this? Daig pa tayo eh. :)