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Monday, April 16, 2007

Family Get-Together in my Humble Abode

Two days before we flew back to Manila, I rounded up my nieces, nephews, brothers, in-laws, friends, and tourist in my hut for a cook-out, courtesy of my Japanese friend, E. Arigatu, my friend. My heart swelled with love and joy seeing my relatives around, especially those who I rarely see.

My relatives and I bumming around in front of my humble abode.

The kids swarmed into the table like bees. Good way of getting rid of the food.

My nieces and nephews playing scrabble. How nice of them to gather at a corner and be quiet for a change. Often times, I heard shrieking, crying, and lots of laughing.

Now, that explains why I gained some weight. I ate, slept, ate, and slept.

This is my dirty kitchen where most of the cooking preparations were done. It was so much fun and comfortable being out here.

Shown in the picture is my caretaker getting ready with the fire for barbecuing.

My brother and sister-in-law chopping and marinating the meat. They fixed "Humba", an ethnic filipino recipe and one of my favorite province dishes.


Heart of Rachel said...

It's always nice to see family gatherings. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the lovely feast. Thanks for sharing your happy family photos.

cruise said...

ang laki pala ng bahay nyo, at mukhang malaki din ang pamilya nyo. ang saya saya, daming food at kasiyahan.

liz said...

i love this post! it's got a warm, homey feel to it. now i miss having gatherings with my family, even though most of us are all here in the Philippines. thanks for reminding me of what my priorities should be.

Belle TH said...

rach, cruise, & liz,

i came from a huge family and i always look forward to a family reunion, singing our and eating our hearts out. it was such a good feeling!

iskoo said...

yan talaga ang ma-mi-miss mo sa pinas, walang ganyan sa states!!!

Toe said...

Oo nga, coincidence na pareho post natin. :) What a lot of fun having all your relatives around. Hey, I love humba too. :) It must have been a riot!

sexy mom said...

isn't it nice to go back--in the warmth of family and friends, amidst nature and simplicities?i am sure you enjoyed every minute of it, and until this time, even if you have left, friends and relatives are still talking about the experience.

annamanila said...

In my dictionary, the abode is called a mansion. Ganda ha. Only a caretaker stays there?

Thank you Belle for sharing with us your homecoming joys and insights.

KK said...

Hi Ate Belle,
It's always fun to eat with our family members :). I love the front of your humble abode. I like all the rounded details specially the bump out.

MomInMiami said...

Nakaka miss tuloy ang Pinas with this post. We also have a big family (my mom and dad's) and your dirty kitchen reminds me so much of my maternal grandma's kitchen in the farm.

Those bbq looks good! Thanks for sharing, Belle!

Belle TH said...

@iskoo, you are absolutely right! ako lang kasi ang napalayo sa mga kapatid ko.

@Toe, you love humba, too? sarap di ba, lalo na pag may konting taba.

@sexymom, i always enjoy going home to be with my relatives. we love to sing, eat, and swim. i have been back for some time, but i was still savoring the great times we had in my humble abode.

@anna, thanks. camera trick lang iyan kaya mukhang malaki ang bahay. yup, only the caretaker stays there when i am here but my brothers visit every now and then if they want to go for a swim in the ocean.

@kk, you got it right. i even didn't mind using my bare hands for eating. you like those details huh? my brother built the house.

@mominmiami, seemed like my dirty kitchen was the busiest part of my house. people like to stay there and do chores out there. it was nice and breezy in the afternoon.

niceheart said...

You have a very lovely home. Ano bang humble abode, mukha ngang mansion eh. :) But I guess the most important part of your vacation was reuniting with your family. :) Nothing beats that.