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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Barrio Kids

Not only did I have fun photographing the breathtaking sceneries in the province, I was equally amused capturing the beautiful smiles of the children. The girl above is from remote mountainous place in San Miguel, Baras. I loved visiting her place because it is so peaceful and beautiful, which reminds me of the scenes in the movie, "Sounds of Music." I promised her that I am going to send her this picture by mail and was so tickled about it. In this picture, she was eating "tubo ng niyog."

Included in the next picture are my nephews Rap-Rap (middle) wearing blue shirt, and Jhonnie (barely showing) who is seated to the left of Rap-Rap. One of my goals is to supply these kids with games, books, and communication tools to hone their reading and writing skills at an early age.

The next three pictures were taken in Agban, Baras where one of my brother lives. For some reason, kids had a fascination about camera, they swarmed in around my friends like bees in no time. Glad, they left me alone. I was busy scouting the area in the hope of finding baby coconuts. Poor Bob and Elaine..they had to put up with those prying kids though they seemed to enjoy it.


Elyani said...

How wonderful, Belle, good to hear you had a such full and fun time. Very nice looking kids and scenery in those shots, too. Any more?

sexy mom said...

Belle, i, like the photos. you know, i, too like taking photographs of children. one of these days i will share faces of happy kids in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, China, and many other places. it's amazing that despite the poverty, the children's smiles are so sweet, candid and innocent.

vernaloo said...

ahhhhh...Flipino kids...smiles despite it all. :)

Happy Easter Belle!

rhodora said...

Hi, Belle! Happy Easter! *Hugs*

Nice to know you had a good time during your stay here. I can see why you love coming back every so often. Your place is so blessed by nature! I wonder if your hubby had, at some point, also caught a fish there in the U.S., as big as the one he caught here? hehe. Mukhang nawiwili siya dito sa Pinas.

I have a brother in California, been living there for 25 years now, and now that he is approaching retirement, he plans to come home every year. He really years for his homeland.

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Easter Belle. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your Easter wishes. Sorry wasn't able to visit sooner 'coz I was out the whole day yesterday. I was so tired and didn't have the energy to open my PC before going to bed. A rare phenomenon. :)

My son had a wonderful Easter celebration. I'll share more about it soon. I just need to visit more blog friends before posting anything new on my blog.

Thank you for sharing all those lovely pictures. I love children. They are always very generous with their smiles.

Take care and have a lovely week ahead.

mousey said...

happy easter!

enjoy your vacation.

annamanila said...

Ang galing ng pictures, Belle! Isn't it nice that young children are still drawn to cameras -- although there's a downside to that -- pero lets not talk about that na lang. Enjoy ka talaga ha. I am glad.

KK said...

Hi Ate Belle,

Love your photos. What I like about the kids in your photos- they look very innocent and happy. Some of the background look very lush.

Thanks for linking me up :).

NursyE said...

The amazing children of the Philippines making the best of what little they have and yet give us the picture of contentment and happiness!!! I think every child of a more progressive country such as the US should spend some time in a country like ours so they can have their eye openers... on how lucky they really are and start appreciating what they have.

Belle TH said...

@elyani, thanks. it has always been fun going home despite of long flights, airport aggravation, etc.

@sexymom, can't wait to see photos of children you took during your visit to Bhutan and other countries.

@verns, hope you had a nice Easter, too!

@rhods, Happy Easter, too! know what? right after he hooked that big fish, he expressed his desire to go back home a month early without me just so he has all the time to fish. he thinks he can get by there without me...let's see. Oh, he caught a 35 pounds halibut before in the US.

@rach, i have been busy, too, so don't worry. thanks for sharing lovely easter pictures of Yohan. He looked like he had so much fun.

@mousey, hope you had a wonderful Easter. am back from my trip just so you know.

@anna, children especially from my place where digital camera is scarce or unheard of are fond of camera, mainly, for curiosity, I believe. they think it is magic when they see themselves in the camera seconds after being photographed. though, i am aware of the danger and hope no one would take advantage of these innocent and beautiful children.

@kk, yup, despite of what little they have, they seem to be happy and contented.

@eden, i most certainly agree with you. three years ago, i brought my children home so they could see for themselves what it was like in the Philippines, hence, the birth of the concept of "Donations for Education" pioneered by my daughter S. this year marks the fourth year of the school supply drive.