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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Homemade Jewelry

This was intricaly soldered piece by piece out of a gold wire. Notice, no two flower designs were the same?

He made this necklace out of gold nuggets that came from Oregon, alternated with manufactured 14K gold chain.

He carved this in wax and made a mold of it, casted it in bronze and gold plated it.

This is a reversible pendant, one side was made of torquiose and the other side was made of onyx(see next picture). Chain was handmade. I notice that the silver chain and the frame that surrounds the stone need polishing badly.

The pendant is an iridescent Russian jade. It changes colors as it catches the light. With this piece, all he did was mount the pendant but didn't make the chain.

With these rings, he carved them in wax first, made a mold of them and casted them in gold.

There was a time when X company was downsizing and laying off workers right and left, so my husband thought he better protect himself by picking up another trade in case he was one of those unfortunate ones. So, he took a series of jewelry making classes at the Community college which offered a jewelry making program for a couple of years. Fortunately, he never got laid off but he never took the jewelry to a higher level.

Jewelry making became his hobby while he continued working for the X Co. He would immerse himself in the jewelry room and tinker for hours. It was interesting watching him but it was something I couldn't picture myself doing. It looked so complex, intricate, and required steady hands, which I didn't have. But seeing the beautiful creations made me appreciate what he did. "Did you make it yourself?" I often asked. "Of course!" he answered with pride.


KK said...

That's taking "homemade" to a new level! Ang galing naman.

niceheart said...

Those are beautiful jewelry, belle. I guess your favourite one is your initial B. :)

Belle TH said...

@kk, he finally agreed for me to post his homemade jewelry. problem is i don't wear them often as i prefer to wear cheaper ones.

@niceheart, yes, i have worn that on several ocassion, wearing a black turtle neck. i used a black chain to complement the necklace. it was beautiful, i thought.

sesame said...

Your hubs is fantastic! I like those with the heart pendants and the rings too... You're lucky!

Wil said...

Jewelry-making is definitely not a trade I've thought of as a back-up in case I ever lose my job. Good for your hubby though. Sounds like he enjoys it. :-D

Belle TH said...

@sesame, thanks. though he was complaining because i hardly ever wear it. i think i am not much of a jewelry person.

@wil, i think i knew what you mean. it is hard to make a living on jewelry-making, everything is hard, but then again, some have done well in this field.

annamanila said...

Terrific. Your husband has a way with his hands just like you have a way with words. Yup, i noticed the lovely B monogram. I bet its his gift for you. You got a fantastic husband.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's amazing Belle. Every piece you've shared is beautifully made. Your husband is very skilled and creative. I especially like the B and the reversible heart pendants.

BTW, regarding your comment about my collage. Yes, I'm part of it. You can find me on the 2nd row, left most side under my nickname Gigi. I know it's so far from my real name Rachel but my mom wanted my nickname to start with a G after her name, Gloria.

rhodora said...

Suwerte mo naman, Belle! Not only are the jewelry beautiful, the fact that your hubby made them himself is something you really can be proud of.

I can just imagine, in a party: "Oh, you have a lovely necklace. Made in Italy?" "Thanks, no, my husband made it for me." :)

rhodora said...

Suwerte mo naman, Belle! Not only are the jewelry beautiful, the fact that your hubby made them himself is something you really can be proud of.

I can just imagine, in a party: "Oh, you have a lovely necklace. Made in Italy?" "Thanks, no, my husband made it for me." :)

Belle TH said...

hi anna, yes, that B monogram was made for his girl. masyadong malaki nga lang pero hey, can't complain. he doesn't make jewelry anymore as just like mine, his eyesight has deteriorated...ahhh the price of getting old.

@rach, thanks. those are my favorites too. i already found you in your collage. indeed, it is pretty you!

@rhodes, hehehe...thanks. naks, made in Italy, huh? lalaki ang ulo ng hubby ko.

May said...

Oh I love the B-pendant! Ang galing naman ng hubby mo Belle. :) Wear them often so you can flaunt his skill! Maybe one day you will be a proud owner of a jewelry store ... if only he can take his hobby to the next level eh?

On a previous comment, you asked if we might be kababayans? Layo ng province ko sa Catanduanes :D I don't blog at Blogger anymore but you can read more about me (and where I'm from) at www.nshimaservings.wordpress.com

I enjoy reading your posts :)

sexy mom said...

beautiful, Belle! if i only knew someone who could make such fine jewelry, i would have brought loads and loads of precious stones from my travels. and they're so cheap, particularly in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, India, etc. the finished products would fetch huge prices, when i see them in the shops.

Belle TH said...

@ may, i will try to wear them often to please him. hehehe. maybe, if i were into jewelry, we could have taken it to next level. i don't have the eye for it.

i visited ur site. i would love to visit ur place someday.

@sexy mom, really? i have seen an english guy who often travels to those places you mentioned. he buys stones and pays someone to set it for him for cheaper price and he sells them for a big mark up.

chateau said...

Belle, those are beautiful pieces! And being made by your husband makes them extra-special. You're so lucky!