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Monday, April 9, 2007

CNA Typhoon Reming Relief Operations

I just recently brought these pictures from Catanduanes taken during the CNA Typhoon Reming Relief Operation held last January. CNA means Catanduanes Net Association, an association of Catandunganons based on internet located all over the world. I am currently on the second year serving as a president of this association.

Upon realizing the magnitude of the damage in our province brought by the super typhoon Reming, I took bold initiative of seeking donations from Catandunganons and friends from all over the world. I also authorized the release of CNA emergency funds intended for typhoon victims in the province. I organized a concert in our local cafe featuring my daughters to help our own people in our barrio who lost their homes completely. I even went knocking at my in-laws and friend's doorstep to seek monetary assistance when I found out one of my brothers lost his dwellings, too. I was desperate and driven.

The response was, as expected, favorable.I thanked God for the support that I received from our community, Parish Church of St Teresa of Avila in Nevada, kindhearted individuals from all over the nation, and from my own family. Through my blog, I would like to extend my warmest thanks and appreciation to all who supported us.

Out of the funds we collected, we were able to procure

sixty (60) sacks rice
ten (10) sacks sugar
seventy-one (71) boxes noodles
forty-two (42) boxes CDO cbeef
thirty (30) boxes sardines
two (2) bags plastic bags

Red Cross volunteers did the sorting and re-packing of the goods, each bag containing

three (3) kgs rice
three (3) sardines
five (5) noodles
two (2) sotanghon
two (2) cbeef
half kg sugar

One thousand one hundred twelve (1,112)bags of goods were processed. Red Cross did the actual damage assessment of the barrios that were selected to be the recipient of goods based on their criteria.

Ivan Arcilla, our CNA representative, supervised the whole proceedings excellently.


niceheart said...

I'm sorry to hear about your province and also your brother losing his house. But that's a noble deed you're doing belle. God bless you.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. Thank you for taking time to answer the question on my sticky post. I also think that you have a beautiful smile which your lovely daughters have luckily inherited from you.

You know, one of the things that I admire about you is your great sense of compassion for the less fortunate and your big heart for reaching out to them.

May you be an inspiration to many. God bless.

sexy mom said...

Belle, until now i am still so touched with your and your family's gesture. may there be many more like you. you know what i can't forget? the roses that you give out--to reach out. God bless you, Belle.

Elyani said...

Belle, am sure the people in your province thanked you for your truly outstanding effort! May God bless your act of Charity and make it return to you 100 fold.

bugoy said...

to madam belle and family: i'm truly impressed by your good and kind heart... that in your simple ways you are making great deeds both by touching the lives of our unfortunate fellow catanduanganons as well as by posing as a good example and inspiration to those who frequent your blog and the people around you....
some of those beneficiaries in the pictures are actually our neighbors and friends ...i know how hard their lives really were...and how they are grateful for those simple good deeds that you are extending to them...

cruise said...

real great work! i am sure the Lord will honor the desire of your heart.