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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Virac Market

The moment I arrived at Virac, I immediately headed down to the market to buy our food supplies. I stocked up on lots of veggies, fruits, rice, bottled water, etc. as my beach hut is too far away from the city. It takes about an hour and a half to get to my place. If it could be avoided, I preferred not going to the city. I just wanted to stay in Puraran and enjoy the ocean, the calming breeze, and soothing sounds of the waves. I liked to explore places I haven't been too, like the Dororian falls below. I liked to sit along the beach and wait for the fresh-caught fish from the fishermen and hopefully catch the beautiful sunrise in picture.


agnes sales said...

great shots again post more

niceheart said...

Belle, even at the palengke, you look sophisticated. :)

Belle TH said...

@agnes, hello! as you requested, i posted more pictures of our province. i planned on going north but i ran out of time. hopefully, next year, i will find some time.

@niceheart, oh my! thanks! but am far from being sophisticated..hehehe.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. I enlarged the first photo to see it better. I noticed the vendors all looking towards you. They probably thought you were an actress. :) You look really nice.

K said...

Believe me Belle, I grew up in that Market. When we were kids, we helped our MOM sell the veggies and fruits. The "street" is packed during the Sunday Market Day. I remembered, I had to wake up as early as five in the morning just to sell goods. Hirap ng buhay namin nun (till now..) pero sa awa maayos naman kami.

Wala pa ring pagbabago sa Virac Market. Our official needs to improve the site, luma na ang building eh?

Sarap gawing turon ang mga saba or latundan.

Belle TH said...

@rach, hahahaha...look alike actress, huh? thanks friend, you made my heart smile. though, could they be looking at my hubby who stuck out like a sore thumb being white?

@K, i remember you mentioned it before. i would have done the same thing if given the chance to earn a few bucks. money was hard to come by those days and worse now.

i wonder why our leaders are not doing something to improve our palengke?

maping said...

Oh my! look at those fresh fruits - mangoes miss them!

You looked great, Belle!

sexy mom said...

true, belle, sexy talaga, kaya napapatingin!