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Monday, April 2, 2007

Hooked Dorado Leaps and Walks on its Tail.

My husband had been fishing offshore in Puraran and had had no luck. He was getting frustrated so I arranged a fishing trip for him with one of the local fishermen in the area. He left at 5:30 AM and came back with 3 huge dorados aka mahi-mahi after 3 hours. He said, dorado was fun to catch. It is a powerful and strong fish and dances on its tail on the surface when reeled. We fixed several scrumptious dishes out of it. Mahi-mahi is one of those fish that is wonderful just about any way you want to prepare it. Pan-fried mahi-mahi, coated with flour, was, by far, the best.

My Japanese friend who came with us on this trip fixed a sashimi dish out of fresh dorado. It was so good! She brought some seaweed wrappers, wasabi, and vinegar straight from the US to make some sushi dishes. It was surely a treat though my relatives were not brave enough to even try it unlike me who ate quite a bit and so was the male Japanese tourist. Yum! I didn't realize fresh dorado makes good sashimi dish. Another equally sumptuous dish prepared by our driver was the pickled dorado. It is perfect for hours de ouvres.

As early as 5:30 AM, I would head down to the beach to wait for fresh catch of the day. I avoided freezing fish. To maintain the delicate flavor of newly caught saltwater fish, I had the fish clean and cook right away and I kept some in the refrigerator for dinner. Hmmm, fish tasted so much better. I just had to control my appetite for fear of gaining weight. All I did was eat, sleep, swim, and walk a little. I never lifted a finger in the house. My relations pampered us and did all the chores. Of course, I paid each one of them generously.


KK said...

Wow Ate Belle, You are making me drool with the fish :) diet. Mahi-mahi costs an arm and a leg when you order it here. I showed the pictures to my husband and he said he would like to go fishing in the Philippines too. He is big on fishing. I love sashimi and kilawen style. It's great to see that your province isn't developed and commercialized. It looks like a paradise island.

vernaloo said...

Hi Belle.

Gosh I missed some of your posts...sorry.

Anyway I never tried catching a fish but sounds like a fun thing to do. I'm happy you had a great time back home.

sexy mom said...

aba, meron na palang alternative for tuna sashimi, who knows, these mahi mahi would earn a great name in the international market--or baka may name na nga?

maping said...

Belle, those are real fresh fishes. I could see that your hubs is loving the mahi2x hehe.

Sorry, no sushi and sashimi for me LOL!

kathy said...

That was a huge fish! I've never tried eating sashimi of the fish you mentioned. I'd love to taste it!

Kami rin, whenever we go home we get pampered like donyas. Ang sarap ng feeling, at least once in a while. :)

annamanila said...

The dorado and mahimahi sashimi etc. sound divine. Didn't you and company try fresh shrimps, still wriggling, dipped in strong vinegar concoction. Ooooh I read that somewhere. Belle, I am glad you and you group seemed to have had an idyllic time in the good ole hometown and country.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats to your husband for that amazing catch of the day! How nice that you were able to make the most of that huge fish.

K said...

Ung silam nin Dorado pag inihaw tapos sawsaw mo sa toyo na may kamatis na pig puga-an nin limon. Silam.

niceheart said...

He looked so happy in that picture. I guess waking up that early was worth it. :)

I don't think I'm also brave enough to eat raw fish. :(

Belle TH said...

@kk, you should bring your hubby to the Phil and let him experience the thrill of catching dorado. know what? it only costs 50 american cents for every pound of dorado...sooo cheap!

@verns, i've caught fish several times before. my father used to take me fishing off the stream at night and we caught tilapia. oh yeah, i had a great time and i hate going back to work.

@sexymom, i didn't know that dorado makes good sashimi until suddenly i saw my Japanese friend slicing fresh dorado and served to us. am not a picky eater, i try almost everything edible. it was good!

@maping, i like ur nickname..hehe. my husband was thinking of going back earlier to do some ocean fishing. iiwanan akong mag-isa sa bahay while he is having a good time. aba, sinuwerte!

@kathy, when you go home, bring some wasabi with you and try it. it has to be super fresh otherwise i don't recommend you eat it. ang sarap talaga ng feeling to live like a king ang queen for a month. now, am back to the gravel pit..hehe

@anna, i haven't tried shrimp sashimi yet. i bet it is just as good. oh yeah, i had so much on this trip in that beautiful and serene cove.

@rach, he was so happy when he came back from fishing and yelling, "where is the camera, where is the camera?". for him, that was the highlight of his trip.

@k, i know iniham is delicious but the pan-fried dorado that my sis-in-law fixed was soo good. there was no leftover.

@niceheart, yes, getting up early was worth it. eating sashimi is a matter of getting used to it. for me, it makes good hours de ouvres

julie said...

Haven't tried fishing but your hubby's catch is definitely worth it. I also love dorado, and other big fish but my memory fails to help me remember. These fish when fried, tastes so yummy with crisp green mangoes with grilled eggplants, tomatoes, onions and bagoong. Add some lato and you're goo to go. OR best eaten with sweet, succulent mangoes. Coming from Zambales, there are plenty of those things..Hay, sarap!

Btw, can I link you up?

Belle TH said...

@julie, taga Zamabales ka pala. i never tried eating fried fish with green mangoes. i have to try it next time. i love lato too. i ate a lot of kamote and shredded coconut...sarap! i told my friend that kamote is considered a peasant food and she found it hard to believe.

by all means, please link me up. i will do the same, if is okay with you.

iskoo said...

mga bagong huling isda ang sarap i-ihaw!

NursyE said...

I just have this pure jealousy... I am so envious!!! hehehe!!!

Would love to just grill those fresh fish and eat with burned rice and eat with my hands down by the beach...

Hay Buhay!!!