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Sunday, April 1, 2007

More Photos of my Trip to Catanduanes

Taken in Batalay beach. Before my arrival, I asked my brother to build me a hut and it took only a week to finish. We spent a great deal time boating in our inflatable boat to see the countryside. That is me in white blouse.

It has been 4 months since the super typhoon Reming ravaged our beautiful island.
Though it is starting to look beautiful and green but it will take a while for our vegetation to completely recover. This particular lot used to be covered with coconut trees loaded with baby coconuts. On this trip, I didn't get to enjoy eating baby coconuts at all. Darn!

Batalay beach was where I spent half of my trip. This beach may not be as beautiful as Puraran beach because of the color of the sand but the water here is nice and calm and the bottom is gravelly. I didn't have to worry about big waves. It is a gentle beach.

My village taken from atop.

The next 3 photos were taken near Puraran beach. We went further down Puraran in our rented van for sightseeing. Visited my brother who lived just several miles away. Too bad, the road isn't completely paved,it would have cut our drving time by 2/3. On the other hand, I don't really care if the road is paved or not because it will definitely bring a lot of changes to the province. I like it more laid back the way it is.


sesame said...

Build a hut in a week? That's interesting. But it's just for relaxing right? Btw, the beach looks really nice and serene.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a cute hut. Amazing how it was built in a span of one week.

You have a lovely place. It looks like paradise.

K said...

Welcome Back, Belle. Looking at those photos, I felt the sigh of relief. Mukhang OK na sa atin, "the hills are alive".

I'm sure you had lotsa FUN.

maping said...


Great pictures it's postcard worthy :) We have so much to be thankful and be proud of in the Phils.

sexy mom said...

post card, perfect, Belle!

agnes sales said...

great photos cant wait to be home this july agnes

niceheart said...

I love the views belle. Such a beautiful place.

Belle TH said...

@sesame, it is just a simple hut to take shelter from the sun.

@rach, thanks! indeed, a good place to unwind.

@k, yes, the hills alive and kicking again though some tress are nothing but branches still.

@maping, i didn't realize how beautiful is my place until i have been away for so long.

@sexymom, thanks dine! i still have a long way to go in photography.

@agnes, make sure to take photos of your place and share it with us. i don't have the luxury of the time to visit other equally beautiful places in the province. July is only a few months away.

@niceheart, thanks. i am glad i have a blog to show it off.