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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowstorm in Payson

View from our living room

View from the backyard
Another view from the backyard

We just had our first major snowstorm in Arizona this year--dropping about 8 inches of snow. It looks beautiful outside. I am glad today is Sunday so I was able to sleep in and didn't have to deal driving on the treacherous road. However, tomorrow, whether I like it or not, and whether rain, sleet, or snow, I have no choice but to go to work. The mail delivery must go on. I just have to make sure I have chain on my rear wheels. Last Saturday, which was the second day of the snowstorm, I opted not to use cable. I was doing well until I reached towards the tail end of my route. This woman has a special delivery next to her house because she is physically unfit to walk to the mail box. For a while, I thought I would skip her for fear of being stuck on her loose-gravel-driveway. After much thought, I bravely swerved into her driveway, and suddenly, I started going sideways. Then, my rear wheels were spinning "Oh uh!", I mumbled. I was having fun at first, and when I realized I was getting close to the ditch, I thought I better get serious and do something. I gave a little tap on the accelerator and after several attempts, I successfully managed to get out of snow. Whoah! close call! I made a U turn instead of attempting to go forward because the path ahead is quite narrow, which could pose more problems. Once I made it on the road, I looked back and saw the huge mess I created. I learned a lesson to trust my instinct.


Abaniko said...

It snows in Arizona? I didn't know about that. Years back I went to Phoenix and it was soooo hot there. Anyway, enjoy your cold weather. :)

Belle TH said...

hi abaniko! in higher elevation like Flagstaff, Prescott, and Payson, it snows.

thanks for stopping by.

niceheart said...

Snow is beautiful, isn't it? But it can be such a hassle.

cruise said...

when i saw the picture, fun immediately registered on my mind, but when i read your post i realized it also poses danger.

Belle TH said...

True niceheart and cruise! Our snow though doesn't last long because we get plenty of sunshine most of the time.

fishbowl said...

Honestly, I haven't seen a real snow. In HK, may winter pero walang yelo and I'm a cold phobic so I think I'll not survive it there - but your backyard looks amazing, sarap siguro maglaro.

Belle TH said...

K, come over and I will treat you to a frolic in the snow and build snowman.