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Monday, January 15, 2007

Puraran Beach House Up for Sale

The breathtaking Puraran beach.

I have mentioned about my beach house in my previous entry and I am pushing it at the top of the page so people will know. Yes, it is up for sale. The house is located in the island of Catanduanes, in the town of Baras, in the barrio of Puraran. The house is just a short walk to the ocean shown above.

Puraran is a surfer's paradise. It has powerful waves that break into corals 100 to 200 meters from the beach. Surfers and tourists from all over the world come to this place to take advantage of the majestics waves that people rave about or just to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You practically have possession of the beach all to yourself. It is a perfect place for photography. The beach is nestled by the mountains on the east side. Over on the right side of the beach is an awesome place that resembles the scenes from the "Sounds of Music." When I visited the place, for a moment, I thought I was in Austria...breathtaking view! Surprisingly, a white tall guy with a German accent appeared out of nowhere, not too far from the grass where we were seated. He actually owns a house in this area...lucky him! How did he ever find this place? I found out that he has been touring Catanduanes for some time now and he felt in love with the place.

Two resorts here offer basic accomodation for reasonable cost. For Ph300, you can have a room and two meals. The meal is mainly composed of rice, fresh fish, veggies, and a bottle of water.

This house is still going through finishing stage. When it is done, it is going to be up for sale for Ph4, 000,000, which includes furnitures and appliances. The house should be finished by March or earlier. Personal items are not included. So, if you are a retired surfer and would want to live frugally in a state of the art house, this is a perfect place for you. A place where you can get the most out of your retirement money and still able to live like king and queen. You get the catch-of-day right at your doorstep most morning from the local fishermen, and lobster, in season, at reasonable prices. If you are interested, email me at liwayway07@yahoo.com.
Beach house photo taken at 90% completion
Master bathroom
Stairwell is made out of handmade narra wood.
Close up of the kitchen with hubby (didn't give my hubby a chance to suck his tummy in)
Dining room from a different angle
Kitchen and dining room


fishbowl said...

Dang, I lost my comment, aw inda!

Sabi ko, ung gayun na grabi kang resort house. That could be my dream kind of house, pero walang pera kaya I'm still working here.

Ganda ng interrior, san yung outdoor jacuzzi? Buti naman di nasira ng bagyo. Ung sarig!

Belle TH said...

K, thanks! fortunately, my hut only sustained minor damage. thank God!

Glen said...

Hi Belle,
I visited Puraran Beach about a year ago and stayed at the Puting Baybay resort. Your house was still being built at that time. It's a beautiful part of the world especially when the sun is shining. Are you related to Cecilia and Rudy? Below is a link to my travelblog



Belle TH said...

hi Glen,

ahh, i finally heard from you. i should have deleted this post because my house is no longer up for sale, at least for the time being. i know, i enjoyed staying there part-time because it is beautiful and relaxing. nope, am not related to Cecilia and Rudy but we knew each other well. my brother and Rudy were good childhood buddies way back when they were little.

i have seen your blog several times. great photos! thanks for the visit.