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Belle is a mother of 2 beautiful teenagers aged 19 and 18 years old. She is originally from Bato, Catanduanes. She loves fiddling around with computer on her free time.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mango Pearl..Exposed

I guess it is about time that I reveal the untold, off-the-record secrets of Mango Pearl. How I do I feel about it sexy mom? I am all for it, after all, at 40 something, what do I have to lose? Who do I have to impress? No one! Life is short, so vive la vida loca!!

  • Padded Butt secret: When I was in college, I was a midget! I weighed under 100 pounds. I had flat chest and flat butt...double whammy! I looked ugly in denims. Flat chest was not a problem as nice padded bra would take care of it but what about flat butt? One day, I saw Maricel Soriano on television and I told my sister-in-law, "Maricel is skinny, yet she looks pretty". "But she looks toned", my sis-in-law quickly responded. Hmmm, "how do I power my butt into shape" I asked myself. Suddenly, I thought of an idea. "My shorts!" "I will wear it under my pants and I will have a nice looking butt!" No one ever suspected I was wearing shorts under my pants. Little did I know that many many years later, I will be endowed with a J-lo-look-alike-butt. See it for yourself..hehe.
  • Amazing Secret: This particular one is more of an attribute. My husband thinks that not very many people can do it. My toes are my third hand. I can pick anything off the floor using my toes. My husband sometimes will ask me, "honey, can you hand me the calculator?" Just for the fun of it, I will use my toes to pick the calculator and toe it to him. He gets a kick out of it. He tried it many times and he couldn't quite do it. Can you? Try lifting a 10-pound dumbell?
  • Lethal Secret: I refuse to let my children outsmart me..sometimes. "Mommy, you don't know anything, mommy, I am smarter than you" lines I often hear from my youngest one. Yeah right! Let's see! Though it is not my intention (really) to sleuth on them, but there are times when I a forced to invade their private territory because the looks of it is beyond my tolerance. Invasion of their room can be entertaining and rewarding, and I usually end up staying longer as planned. I usually come across many great finds! Nice folded letters, goodies under the bed, etc. Of course, I will help myself to a bite of chocolates. Lucky, I am not fond of chocolates. Will I open the letters? I will leave it up to you.
  • Looking Teenager Secret: At 5'3", I weigh 110 pounds. I am probably lighter than my children..psst! Whenever I go shopping, I usually find myself in the teen section of the store because clothes there fit me better, accentuate my curve, and a little cheaper.
  • Embarrassing Secret: My motto is "Refuse to Look Old. As long as I can afford color treatment and hair cut every 8 weeks, I will not dare expose the true color of my real hair. A teacher of my daugher in high school refuses to get her hair colored because she thinks gray hair says I am mature, I demand respect. But the reality is when men see gray hair on women, they will think they look old and unattractive. So, should I give in to gray? Not Now! Maybe later.


Dine said...

excitement took the better of me, i kept visiting your site. i was really waiting for Bella Exposed!

omg! i'm humbled - look at sexy you. you should be holding the name "sexy mom", lucky me, i got the name first.
you are simply amaaaazing! who would say you were anything but buttless.

nala said...

well mommy i guess i now have the right to snoop on you!!!!

your daughter stephanie

nala said...
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cruise said...

from now on my mottto will be

"Refuse to Look Old"

you look so young, baka kapag kasama mo mga anak mo eh mapagkamalan lang kayong magkakapatid...

Belle TH said...

dine,thanks! you, however, is the original sexy mom! with seven children and still looking gorgeous is pretty amazing! keep it up mom!
nala, my daughter has her own site,diveintoblue.com.
cruise, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the compliments. my daughters and I share some clothes. "refuse to look old" it is!

niceheart said...

I agree with dine, you look sexy. I am in my early 40s and I am trying to lose weight. Before I had children, I also weighed less than 100 lbs. Flat chested also, but I've always had a big butt. :)

fishbowl said...

You look amazing in those highlights, Belle. And your house is so beautiful. Iba talaga beauty nin mga taga Catanduanes.

niceheart said...

Hi Belle, I also tagged you - name 5 things that happened to you because of blogging.


Belle TH said...

niceheart, am fairly new to blogging and so I don't have enough friends to tag. but will see what i can do. thanks and enjoy the rest of ur day.

Belle TH said...

fishbowl, hahaha..thanks. you are soooo sweet!