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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Burn Baby Burn!

What a quick turn of events in our area! One day it was snowing, the next day, it is burning up! Strange! I saw lots and lots of smoke! I yelled at my husband, "S, come on, hurry, there is fire in nearby mountains!" He came running to the living room and was just as alarmed as I was. I said, "Get the camera, and let's drive to the scene." I was still in my pajama outfit being that today is my dayoff and I like to lounge around in my comfy PJ. "Change into jeans, quickly", my husband dictated. I quickly combed my hair, and I couldn't care less how my face looked. "No one will be able to see me, I will just stay in the car", I whispered. We got on the car, and drove off. When I got closer to the scene, I saw several people in yellow outfit. Who could they be?

As we got closer, the fire seemed to be spreading...
Then I saw people moving...
They are the firefighters...what are they doing?

Ahhh...it finally dawned to us that the fire was a prescribed burn. They were burning the brushes out so that when the fire season comes, the neighboring houses will be safe from possible wildfire caused by lightning. Summer time is our monsoon season and is usually accompanied by scary lightning and thunder. Lightning has caused many wildfires in AZ and I am thankful that our community is doing pre-emptive measures in minimizing such occurences. We live at the foot of the mountains in which wildfire can happen anytime caused by lightning strike. While my brothers dread for super typhoon in Catanduanes, we, here, are fearful of fire. Imagine your newly-built house being engulfed by a ball of fire? One time, I arrived home full of gray ashes being out all day delivering mail, and not to mention the carbon dioxide I breathed in big doses. And fire can linger on for weeks. Older people who have respiratory problems need to be evacuated into a smoke free area or they could die.


Senor Enrique said...

As folks say, better your house get broken into and robbed than razed by a fire.

So you're a budding photojournalist, huh? Cool!

Thanks, for visiting my site, Belle!


Belle TH said...

hi senor enrique,(Eric),

just wondering, hablas espanol?
i most certainly agree with you that it is better robbed (knock on wood) that get swallowed by fire.

budding photojournalist? no,i just mess around with the camera. it is a very fun hobby!

niceheart said...

That is really weird. Snow one day, fire on the next day. But, hey. Nature is really weird.

Belle TH said...

True niceheart! Though the controlled burning isn't over yet and this time, it is just right above our house. I guess they are taking advantage of the cooler and wetter weather so the fire will be manageable.