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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Charred Pot Stickers

Ohmigosh! I am manifesting some signs of Alzheimer or something. Or could it be pre-senior moment? Since I turned the magic 40, I seem to be forgetting many things. This Sunday morning, I planned on fixing a brunch for my family and the first thing that came to mind was pot stickers. My family loves pot stickers with a store-bought dipping sauce. I took the frozen pot stickers out of the freezer and lined them up side by side on the pan. I added a fourth of a cup of water and let it boil for a while on low heat so it would thaw completely. Well, since I am fond of multi-tasking, I went into my bedroom and puttered around for a while. My bedroom is 20 paces to the kitchen. Then I got my hands on the computer, which was a mistake because it made me totally forgot what I was cooking in the kitchen. Peks man! I thought my daughter A was fixing herself some brunch. I yelled, "A, are you cooking something?" She didn't answer. I continued to fiddle around with the computer, and at the same time, the severity of the burning smell was increasing by the minute. I yelled at my daughter again, "A, something is burning, go check the stove!" I heard no answer.

It finally dawned to me that I was cooking something. I rushed as fast as my legs could carry me to the kitchen. There I saw charred pot stickers, unfit for human consumption! I felt bad! I felt horrible! Good thing my husband and daughter didn't give me a hard time and and looked for something to munch on instead in the pantry while I was getting ready to cook another dish. This time, I stayed by the kitchen the whole time.

My question is am I the only one experiencing this problem? Or was the computer to blame?


Senor Enrique said...

Not in the least! I, too, tend to get absent-minded or forgetful, especially about the most recent stuff, but hey, we all go through that.

Rule of thumb, though -- when it comes to cooking or anything with a fire or powerful tools, I focus on the task at hand; no multitasking :)

Iskoo said...

haha, it also happened to me, i am boiling water for my coffee but the water vanished in the air hahaha

Dine said...


i thought so - you were blogging! don't worry dear, you are not alone. and if it is any consolation, this is not because of advancing age. even my kids (big ones and small ones), they always keep looking for their cellphones. as for cooking, i can't comment much, as i never cook.

Wil said...

that's the advantage of a laptop. I just bring the laptop to the kitchen table and putter away at the computer while cooking or what have you. :D

Belle TH said...

hola senor E! that is what i tell my kids all the time to stay in the kitchen when they are cooking. now, mother just broke the rule.

iskoo, thanks for dropping by. you were lucky you didn't burn the boiling pot.

thanks dear friend, D. you have a way with words.

i love cooking but i just have to make sure kitchen is within earreach

Belle TH said...

you are absolutely right wil, unfortunately, i am the only one in the family who still use pc. the rest have their own laptop even my husband.

niceheart said...

It's the computer's fault. :) Our family computer is only 5-6 paces from the stove. But I have to admit that I also take a peek at the computer when cooking. But I've learned my lesson. Can't do that when cooking pancakes. :)

sesame said...

I've burnt pots and pans too! And I didn't even have a computer to distract me. :p

Belle TH said...

thanks sesame,

Glad am not alone.

Chateau said...

Oh, it happens a lot to me - forgetfulness.. And in a whole lot of manifestations too! such as mismatching my kids' names, going downstairs to get something and when i get there, i wonder "what was it again that i came here for??" :D And of course burnt food! haha

thanks for dropping by my blog! Love your blog.. and what beautiful young ladies you have!

rhodora said...

Eto, mas bilib ka - I was going to have a cup of coffee. I usually heat it in the micro. Naglagay na ako ng coffee, sugar at creamer sa mug tapos inilagay ko sa loob ng micro and switched it on. Then.. there was thick smoke all over.. yun pala, nakalimutan kong lagyan ng tubig... hehehe.

Belle TH said...

i was going to sleep already because it is almost midnight here already. kaya lang, when i read your comments, hindi ko mapaumagahan ang sagot ko, lakas ng tawa ko...hahahaha. my husband thought that i am crazy..hehe