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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Calorie Computation Based on Weight

I am seriously thinking of losing the 5 pounds I have gained over the year. The sexy photo that you saw of me was taken the Christmas of 2005 and I don't look quite like that anymore. I sustained a knee injury probably due to excessive use of treadmill. So, I avoided running for a while and have concentrated on low impact aerobics and weight lifting.

Yesterday at work, our kind cleaning lady brought two boxes of freshly baked, mouth-watering doughnuts and I knew one of it had my name written on it, but I was able to resist the temptation. I patted myself on the back for a job well done! If only those people would quit bringing those yummy goodies...

Since my trip to the Philippines is just around the corner, I am really putting forth extensive effort in losing these 5 stubborn pounds so I would look decent in bikini. In my experience, cutting down on food alone will not help me lose weight. I have to exercise regularly at least 4 times a week and maintain a healthy diet.

Here is how I calculate the amount of calories that I need. At 5'3", I weigh 110 pounds. For an active person like me who exercises 4 times a week or more, I multiply my weight by 16; 110 x 16=1760. That is how many calories I can take to maintain my current weight. But I want to shed 5 pounds so I then multiply 1760 by 0.2 which yields 352. That is how many calories I have to cut down in order to lose weight at most 1 pound a week. So, 1760 minues 352 is equal to 1408, number of calories I have to stick to get back to my ideal weight.

For a person who doesn't exercise at all, multiply the weight by 13. Let's say, she weighs 120 times 13 equals 1560. That is how many she can take to maintain her present weight. Now, if she wants to lose weight, multiply 1560 by 0.2, which is equal to 312. That is the amount of calories she needs to cut back to lose weight without exercising.

And subsequently, for a person who exercises 3 times a week, multiply weight by 15 and so on and so forth.

Any questions?


niceheart said...

Even at your height, I think your weight is not bad at all. I'm the one who really needs to lose the weight. I'm shorter than you and I weigh more than you do. I know. I should really cut back on and watch out what I'm eating and I should also exercise.

Belle TH said...

i didn't see this comment of yours earlier. it is hard to lose weight at our age, it can be done but it is extremely hard.

take care niceheart!