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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yummy Salsa

"Mom, can you please make salsa", my daughter asked. She loves to eat salsa with tortilla chips. I don't always prepare it for her except when I have a long weekend. I happened to have one last week and so she and I went shopping yesterday and bought all the necessary ingredients. It is easy to make. All you need to do is cut up the ingredients into small pieces, add salt, lemon juice, orange juice (about 2 T), and a dash of tabasco (or more if you have a high hot-o-meter tolerance), and that is basically it. It is good to eat with tinapa, tuyo, and rice or with chips (mexie-style). It is a healthy dish, actually and so I don't mind making the extra effort fixing it for my children.

My ingredients for Salsa: tomatoes, onions (not shown), avocados, cilantro, lemons, tabasco (not shown), salt, and orange juice (not shown)
As always, I use veggie and fruit wash for washing vegetables and fruits to get rid of wax and pesticide residue.

Yummy salsa.


niceheart said...

Your salsa looks delicious!

fishbowl said...

GRABE NA INI! ung silam daw tabi kaan!

I am a fresh greenleafy salad addict made by great Moms like you. You see, I can only rush to a supermarket and buy the instant pack of salad, not too good unlike these.

Your hubby is so lucky!