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Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Today is January 1, 2007, and here is my New Year's Resolution

  • Exercise at most an hour a day, 4 days a week.
  • Eat sensibly.
  • Be happy.
  • Work at a comfortable and relaxed pace.
  • Getting to know more about God by studying Bible.
  • Spending less time on computer and more on the household matters.
I did pretty good controlling my appetite last Christmas. I don't remember eating desserts on Christmas day and New Year's dinner. My friend's delicious homemade apple pie last New Year's eve was hard to resist but for some reason, I totally forgot all about it and missed eating a piece. It was probably because I wasn't feeling good that day because of flu.

We had our Christmas dinner over at a friend's house. I bought three kinds of desserts: apple pie, pecan pie, and biko. Biko disappeared quickly. The apple pie and pecan pie were barely touched. I didn't take any leftover desserts home. It is one of my tricks to stop me from indulging. Now, am back to eating rice and bagoong for weeks...hehe

How was your Christmas and New Year's dinner?


DanieL said...

the holidays were festive (as always) in our household. very pinoy, i should say. i'm glad that you've drafted your set of new year's resolution. goodluck!

thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. nice thing you have going on in here. =)

fishbowl said...

Hi Belle, Happy New Year. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. Whenever I hear something like these, I grief. Death is not an easy thing to confront. It takes time to cope with the loss of a loved ones. But I hope that there is a life beyond this and when it is our turn to pass over the river, just hope that we will meet those we loved and those who have left long before us.

You have a beautiful family - pwede mag artista ang anak mo! Do you have a few samples of her songs?

BTW, thank you for the nice visit at my blog. I have a few HS batchmates from Bato, mga Tresvalles, Tazarra, Soriao. It's been a while since my last visit and I do not know kung may mga pamilya na sila. I lost contact with them na kasi.

I'll link you up and Happy New Year!

Cheers, K

liwayway said...

daniel, thank you so much for visiting my rather new blog. it is nice to know you had festive holidays with your family. ours here was okay, notning spectacular except the opening of presents and eating. I actually missed Christmas in my province. by the way, I will link you up, if you don't mind.
hi fishbowl,
thanks for gracing my site. it feels good to communicate with someone from the same place. i relayed to my daughter about what you said of her. She smiled and said "thank you". one of my links is her site: diveintoblue.com, you may explore on it. my plan is to expose her in the Phil year 2008. right now I want her to focus on her degree.
miss ko na ang Hongkong lalo na su night market diyan. i used to live in clear water bay road.

Dine said...


congratulations for having a practical, down to earth, doable resolution. i have stopped having resolutions (they're broken anyway), but maybe, if they're as practical as yours, i will reconder. cheers