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Friday, February 16, 2007

My L Turned 18

My daughter A turned 18 on Valentine's Day. I took a day off so I could spend some time with her. While she was at school, I went shopping for balloons, cake, and the ingredients for chicken wraps. I planned to fix her lunch because she had a dinner appointment with her classmates at Denny's.

L doesn't care much for filipino food except eggrolls. I didn't want to spend the whole morning preparing eggrolls so I opted to make her favorite food---Mexican food.
These are soft tortilla chicken wraps. I cut the chicken in small cubes, seasoned it with mild chili powder, some paprika, salt, pepper, and flour (for thickening). I used masa flour for the recipe above. While chicken was cooking, I added some brown rice and cooked it for about 10 minutes. For the side dish, I made a avocado salsa. If you scroll down below, you will find the recipe for Avocado Salsa.

In the hot pan, I heated up two soft tortillas. I then placed the warm tortillas on the plate, scooped about 3 tablespoon of cooked rice chicken filling. I added a tablespoon of salsa, tablespoon of sour cream, and some chopped up cilantro. Delicious, I must say.


fruityoaty said...

Oh, your daughter was born on Valentine's Day? Oh wow, that's like the sweetest Valentine's gift, a baby born on that day. :)

Those Mexican chicken wraps look yummy. It's too bad though your daughter doesn't like Filipino food that much as Filipino food rocks... well, my Mom's does... :)

Steph said...

mmmm yummy! can you make those for me when i come home this summer?

Cai said...

Your daughter is pretty! Happy Birthday to her.

I remember going to Denny's with friends in high school (10 years ago).

sesame said...

Another pretty daughter! Happy belated birthday Lexie!

And the food looks good too...:p

iskoo said...

she's really pretty, happy birthday to your lovely daughter.

mukhang masarap yung tortilla chicken wraps, yum yum...

Belle TH said...

hi fruityoaty,

thanks for dropping by.

unfortunately, she doesn't care for filipino food unlike my other daughter.


of course, i will make it for you. it was really yummy!


thanks for visiting my blog. it seems Denny's the popular place for high schoolers now and then.


thanks! the first picture taken with her braces off.

everybody loved the food.


i love seeing you here. thanks.

am sure you would love that food. it is popular here.

niceheart said...

Happy valentines birthday to your Lexie. She's so pretty. Your chicken wraps look so yummy. :)

Chateau said...

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!
Yummy, those tortillas make my tummy growl! :)

sexy mom said...

belated happy valentine's birthday to dear Lexie. you really make your mom proud, i can see the goodness in you, inside and out. May God shower you with blessings, and may Be give you your heart's delight.

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Lexie. How nice that she was born on Valentine's Day. Two celebrations in one day. That's wonderful.

I'm fond of Mexican food too. That Chicken wrap looks really good. I think I'll go down in a while and have brunch. Thanks for sharing.

Belle TH said...

@niceheart, chicken wraps are so easy to make and kids love it. they like to add some shredded cheese for richness.

@chateau, are soft tortillas available in Philippine supermarkets?

@dine,i am sure she read your comments already as she visits my blog now and then. thanks so much!

@rachel, she had fun with her friends. her car was covered with birthday greetings. having lived in AZ for yearsss, i adopted mexie food and love it!

JunM said...

belated hapi valentine and hapy b-day to Lexie! A beautiful and fine girl.

I enjoy reading your blog!

Belle TH said...

thanks junm for dropping by..welcome to my humble abode. thanks for the belated greetings.

rhodora said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

I think I'll try the tortilla chicken wraps today. My first born loves tortillas.

Belle TH said...

thanks rhodora! this kind of food abounds here. my daughter usually put shredded cheese and taco sauce together and heat it up in the microwave for a minute.