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Friday, February 9, 2007

My Comfort Food

I don't have that much of a free time today to write a longer post so I will be as brief as possible. My friend is meeting me in half an hour for a walk in the mountains. Of course, I will take my camera along in case I find interesting scenes that strike my fancy.

The pictures above are the kind of food that I crave for and look forward eating when I get a day off like today. I spent a few hours cooking these dishes this morning. I love fish. I can eat fish practically everyday and never get tired of it. I usually cook it in sour broth with plenty of veggies. This time, I tried the different approach...steaming inspired by Chateau. Boy, it is delicious. Steamed fresh pompano is awesome. You should try it.

First, I washed the fish and patted it dry. Then I sliced some ginger and spread it on top of the fish. I added about a tablespoon of soy sauce and steamed it for half an hour or until it is done. Of course, I checked the fish every now and then to make sure I didn't overcook the fish. When the steaming was over, I shredded some green onions and placed it on top of the fish. I then heated up some olive oil to a sizzle and poured it on the fish. You know when the oil is hot enough because it makes a hissing sound when poured on the steamed fish. Then I added another tablespoon of soy sauce.

Before I eat my meal, I usually eat fresh fruits. Many of you may wonder. Simply because it helps me avoid overeating since I am usually half way full after eating the whole mango or banana. Also, I discover that when I eat my meal in this particular order, I feel much better. I don't feel gassy and stuffed.

I also cooked togi today(stir-fry mong sprouts, tofu, and slices of pork). For some reason, I can't seem to eat a meal without vegetables. I can get by eating veggies and rice only even without fish and meat but not the other way around. I have to have those greens on my plate, whether it is salad or steamed veggies.

At work, I try to eat as little as possible because I tend to get sleepy when I eat huge meal. My kind of job requires me to be alert on the road at all times. Besides, it is difficult to work when stomach is full. Therefore, I usually go for veggie tuna salad or avocado sandwich, which is not only light but also healthy. Notice the salad is placed on top of a tray of letters. I took during my lunch break in my vehicle. You see, I do carry my camera to work but not often as it can be a nuisance.

Ooops, I have five minutes to drive to our meeting place.


niceheart said...

That sounds like a good meal. And thank you for those tips. No wonder you're in good shape. I always eat my fruits last.

Belle TH said...

hi niceheart,

thanks. the reason why fruits should be eaten first and not last because they digest and moves through your system faster. try it and see what you think.

Chateau said...

Hi belle! Glad to hear you tried and loved the steamed pompano! It's become a family favorite. Although daughter no. 2 is allergic to fish, she can't help it! :D

I've also started eating my fresh fruit first years ago, as suggested by a Singaporean colleague. It does work.

Belle TH said...


sarap talaga! the meat is firm.

what a coincidence, daughter S is also allergic to fish even just from the cooking steam. she breaks out and eventually wheezes. scary!

sesame said...

That's a nice looking mango and good piece of tip. I always eat my fruits last, like Niceheart. And the tendency is to stuff myself with the fruits even when I'm full.

niceheart said...

Belle and chateau, my oldest one is also allergic to fish. He would get rashes around his mouth. He hasn't had fish for a long time. And sometimes, when my husband cooks fish and it gets smoky in the house, his asthma would act up.

Belle TH said...

niceheart and chateau,

when daughter S was little. about 2 years old, she reached up and tipped a pan of fresh salmon fillet from the kitchen counter spilling the juice over her head. Boy, she broke out into hives. scary sight! i immediately gave her a bath! she is also allergic to all nuts except pili nuts, peanuts, and dairy products. there is not much left for her to eat, huh?

now, i try to avoid cooking fish when she is around.