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Saturday, February 3, 2007

At The Edge

Hello friends,

I thought I would share with you the very first recording of my daughter, Stephanie.
She expects to release few more songs this summer when she has all the time to concentrate on music. Mom and dad always remind her that academics come first.

At The Edge, music and words by Stephanie Hilliard. Please click "Tepsie" on the top of my "Link list" to listen. Music plays automatically after a few seconds.

She sang "At The Edge" at a fundraising concert held in our local cafe along with 8 of her original songs for the benefit of the typhoon Reming victims in my village. For a small town with a population of roughly 14,000, we had a good turn out. The house was packed! She did excellently, people said.


sesame said...

Oh my, she's good! Very professional I must say. Is she already a singer since you said she expects to release a few more songs? And she can manage her studies at Stanford with her recording?

Dine said...

am so impressed with her achievements. if she were here in Manila, she would be a superstar. she's so charming and pretty. but of course studies first.

Belle TH said...


thanks! she has been singing everywhere in Stanford, and in our town. she plans to release a CD out of all of the songs she wrote. evidently, she can manage both studies and music at the same time. but, we always remind her to prioritize her studies.

Belle TH said...


thank you! that is nice of you to say that. hmmm, i wonder if i should take her to the Philippines?

fishbowl said...

Belle, WOW I'm now her instant Fan from HK. I love acoustic, folk-alternative pop music. Hers was charming, amazing talent indeed. I wanna have a copy of her album, I mean seriously?

Is there a free download for that piece?


cruise said...

again i am impressed! you should take her to philippines, she could be a star here. then you can take me as her personal driver and bodyguard :)

Belle TH said...



I may take you up on your offer... will look you up. hehe

Hi K,

Okay, I will tell her you want a copy of her album. A friend of mine was also asking if there is a free download. I think it is disabled for now.

c o n s u e l a said...

I agree...you're daughter is good! :) and she's so pretty too!

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

niceheart said...

I enjoyed listening to that, belle. It sounded so professional. And oh my, is she pretty!

Chateau said...

Wow, beauty and talent are a good mix! Your daughter's music is terrific. I love this kind of music. I like Eva Cassidy as your daughter does. Hey, let me know when her album is released, i hope it reaches the Philipines!
You must be very proud of her. :)

Wil said...

Nice voice. I'm digging it. :D I say, "Forget Stanford, hire a manager and go on the road." Just joking, Belle th. :D Academics first, of course, as you said. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to your lovely daughter. You must really be very proud of her. May she continue to flourish in her singing. It's great that she can succesfully combine studies and her love for singing. Hope she can visit the Philippines and share her talents here too. Take care!

Belle TH said...

thanks consuela and niceheart! she will read your comments as she visits my blog now and then. music has always been her passion ever since she was little. she would stay in her room for a week during summer break and would come up with a song..."In The Room"

@chateau, we will try to produce a professional CD this summer, as soon as the semester ends. right now, she is focusing on her studies. i think she has enough songs to fill up a CD.

Belle TH said...

hehehe wil, music is so unreliable so, yeah, studies come first.


thanks for your kind words. let's see where her destiny takes her. we'll see.

Senor Enrique said...

Oh yeah ... a huge star she can be here in Manila, especially with her good looks and talent. Then I can be her personal photographer!

Belle TH said...

really senor enrique? you are hired this instant.

Iskoo said...

i dont see any reason why she cant make it to showbiz that is if she wanted to. she has beauty and talent :)