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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All Region Choir...Worth Watching!

I went through a lot of effort just to watch my daughter sing at the All Region Choir. Earlier this week, I already decided that I wasn't planning on watching her this year because the place where the choir was going to be held was too far of a drive. It was in Snowflake, a place I have never been before. My daughter headed to Snowflake on Sunday night and stayed two nights and two days over to get ready for the event. She called me from Snowflake on Monday morning and begged me to come and watch her because she and 2 other girls were chosen to sing trio. I told her that I was going to try my best to get off early but I couldn't promise. You see, today is the day after the holiday and we were swamped with work. Getting off early was not an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, I tried my best with all my might. I skipped my morning and afternoon breaks, lunch break, and I rushed through. I thought if I got done by 3:30 PM, I should be able to make it there by 6:00 PM (start of the program). I was flying! I only had a couple of bananas and a glass of odwalla green juice for energy. Fortunately, I was on my way home at 3:45 PM to change into regular clothes and to freshen up a bit. I told my husband that we were leaving in 10 minutes.

The drive to Snowflake wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We crossed over snow-covered mountains, and then drove along an open rangeland for 1 1/2 hours. We saw a different countryside. The trees are shorter and bushier, probably because they don't get as much rain as we do here in P.

We arrived just in time. We noticed a long queue leading to the auditorium. We thought we were going to grab something to eat first once we found the place but it seemed the most logical thing to do was to skip our dinner The show was about to start.

The choir show lasted an hour. I thought it was time for us to head home because I was starving. Though they encouraged us to sit throughout the show but the stomach growling and the long drive home were good reasons enough to sneak out. And so we did.

The drive back was nice and relaxing. The sky was sprinkled with starlight, and the Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon. The moon provided us light on the long dark road. My husband kept reminding me to keep close watch of elks so we don't hit them. I didn't see any.
Despite the fact that they were only given two days to sing as a group, nevertheless, the performance was superb. In this picture, she was one of the frontliners singing and dancing while the rest of the choir were in the back.
This picture was taken before the rendition of the next song. She knew daddy and I were taking pictures, so she flashed us a quick grin.


sexy mom said...

oh Belle, foremost a mom! i am glad you were able to arrive on time, and see darling daughter sing trio. proud mom you are! congratulations to L!

niceheart said...

The things we do for our children, no, Belle? I have also been busy these last two weeks going back and forth to my son's basketball games and my other son's jazz festival and meetings at school. Nakakapagod but it's worth watching them perform.

vernaloo said...

oh your daughter is really pretty belle. Surely it was all worth it :)

Belle TH said...

dine, niceheart, and verns,

thanks! i haven't recovered yet from fatigue. i don't think i can work in such speed often, very hard on the body. Once in a while is fine.

Heart of Rachel said...

You're a wonderful mom for making those sacrifices to make it to her progam. I'm sure seeing your daughter perform at her best made everything worthwhile.

I fondly remember my parents taking a leave from work to watch me perform in a play (even though I only had teeny tiny part in it). They still felt proud of me.

Belle TH said...

@rachel, thanks! i always have fun going to the kids' function, watching them perform. it is such a great feeling.

mousey said...

your adorable mom!for simply sacrificing. im sure your daughter really proud of you ate.

rhodora said...

Belle, both your daughters are musically inclined. Could it mean you sing well too? Maybe when you come here for vacation, why not we meet and do some videoke session? Hehe.

Belle TH said...

@mousey, thanks! you should see the smile when she saw us in the audience.

@rhodora, hehehe...i used to sing well but for some reason, it went downhill. that would be fun and exciting to meet up with you and other pinay moms blogger for a videoke session. will let u know.