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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to you All

This morning before I went to work, I reminded my husband that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. "Oohh, okay," he said. As always, I was running late. I quickly grabbed my purse, took a couple of bottled water, some fruits for lunch, and hopped in the car. I was driving a little over the speed limit. I made it to work just in the nick of time. I am always the last one to arrive. It has become my signature being a late comer, and my postmaster has accepted it.

As I was doing my morning routine, I thought about the old woman in my route. Yesterday, she approached me and asked me if I had a card for her. I told her to wait a few minutes until I was done sorting the mail. I didn't have anything for her. So, I went to where she was seated and told her that she didn't recieve any mail today. Out of curiosity, I asked her if she was expecting a letter from someone. "Yes, a Valentine card from my grandson" the old woman replied. I said, "it might arrive tomorrow or next day." Of course, nothing came for her today.

This particular woman lives in the retirement center. Letter from a loved one like her grandson is what she looks forward to everyday, but the sad thing is, she seldom gets letter. What ever happened to her son and daughter? Are they too busy with their lives? Have they forgotten her completely? Why is the grandson the only one who cares to send her a card on special day? It surely not easy getting old in this country. When they are no longer able to care for themselves, without a choice, they are sent to a facility and leave their house, pets, family, and garden behind...the things that mean so much to them. This way, they will not be nuisance to their sons and daughter. Such a sad life!

Today, I bought three roses with her in mind. If I see her today, I plan to hand her a rose to hopefully cheer her up. I didn't cost me much.

The red roses, by the way, was a surprise gift for me from my hubby. The reminder I gave him this morning surely paid off. So ladies, it doesn't hurt to cue your husband once in a while. They need it.


niceheart said...

You are very thoughtful, belle. And you're right. We should really tell our husbands what we want instead of complaining. :)

vernaloo said...

Oh you are so kind Belle :) The old lady will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Bless you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Belle TH said...

verns and niceheart,


you would do the same if you were on my shoes. to see them unhappy day in and day out is heartbreaking.

Wil said...

how sad that she seldom gets letters. The retirement home is one thing that's always kinda sad about life in the states. You don't see retirement homes in the Philippines b/c the elders are taken care of until the end. It seems that way, anyway. Nice of you to try to cheer up the woman.

sexy mom said...

oh, dear belle, you're so nice, esp to old people. you know what? kind deeds are returned hundredfold, though i am sure you do not expect anything in return. i am glad i found a dear friend in you. happy valentine's dear.

sesame said...

That's nice of you to think of the old lady. And nice of your husband to get your cue.

We have never celebrated Valentine. Just find it too commercialised so never really bothered with it. But well, it would be nice to get a rose.

K said...

Now that is nice of you Belle. I don't celebrate V-day - it's only making my heart cries I don't know why. But perhaps doing something more differently than going out spend with bottle of reds, it's not going to be bad at all.

Oh well, happy V-Day.

K said...

I think I lost my previous comment. Nadah.

I am not really someone who is negative by nature. I am not really into VDay this year, but I think I survived it fairly well.

Now look what you did, how nice of you Belle.

Leah said...

very sweet of you Belle.

And roses for Valentine's, whew, must be nice.

Happy hearts day to you and your hubby.

Belle TH said...


true! that is why i am contemplating on getting old in the Philippines if my kids will just put in retirement home when i am unable to manuever on my own...sad!

Belle TH said...


Thanks a lot! I am so blessed to have known you, too. You are a gem, a rare gem.

Belle TH said...


when i used to live in HK, i noticed that Valentine's day wasn't really a big deal. but i enjoyed the chinese new year immensely; the celebration, the food, the red wallet with money inside, etc. i also learned to say "Kung Hei Fat choi," meaning "Happy New Year."

Belle TH said...


hayaan mo, one of these days, a special someone will come to you so you have reason to celebrate Valentine's day even in a simplest way.

Belle TH said...


hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day with your loved one. take care!

Belle TH said...

hello verns,

thank you! hope yours was a good one, too.

i enjoyed reading your post re: Manong, and Andrew Buang.

rhodora said...

Hi, Belle! At last, I can finally post comments in your lovely site.

Oh, look at me - I feel so selfish, whining about my husband's not giving me flowers, and then there's that old woman there having no one to love her. And here I am surrounded by people I love and who love me, and yet, I complain.

You have a heart of gold, my dear...

Belle TH said...

thank you rhodora!

yeheey, finally, you made it through.

it doesn't cost much to cheer these type of people because someday I may be in their shoes, too.

kathy said...

I guess in a way we are still lucky to have such strong family relations in the Philippines - there's nothing lonelier than spending one's last days alone in a retirement facility with strangers.

Such lovely roses, Belle! What a thoughtful gesture of giving some of them to someone else.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's wonderful Belle. How nice of you to go out of your way to cheer someone on Valentine's Day. An admirable act of kindness.

Those are lovely roses. Glad you had a meaningful Valentine's Day.

Belle TH said...

@kathy, that is why i prefer to grow old in the philippines. thanks!

@rachel, thanks rachel. she did receive a card from her grandson and i handed it to her. you should see the smile on her face.