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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Custom-Made is, by far, The Best

About 5 years ago, we built our dream house..the first house we've ever built. We wanted a house that was just the right size for us. Our old house was rather big, with a pool and huge back lawns that required a lot of maintenance. Every time, we went out of town, it was absolutely necessary that we locked all the gates to prevent people from using the pool. Per Arizona law, it is my responsibility if anything happens to any one of them so I had to take a necessary safeguard.

So, when we finally decided to build our house, we made sure we eliminated the pool for that reason. Next, I wanted my house simpler and had ample storage. We also liked the idea of open floor plan where my living room, dinning room, and kitchen room were all in one room. We liked the living room to be bright and cheery and to face the view of the golf course. To do that, we put all three bedrooms over at one side of the house so we could take advantage of the view from our living room. We had to have a three-car garage since my husband longed for one. Sometimes, we need to make compromises to get the important ones. We installed many large windows in the living room. We also liked the idea of recess lighting in our kitchen so we had about 12 bulbs put in. The ample lighting and the spaciousness of the kitchen make the daily cooking activity worthwhile and fun. From the kitchen, we get to watch hummingbirds feeding in our backporch and view of our vegetable garden. Such a sight to watch!

I got the idea of the chandelier design when I was looking for our chandelier in Phoenix. I saw one similar to that only only smaller but was not available for sale until three months later. I couldn't wait that long. So, I went to our local metalsmith and showed him our design and specifications. It wasn't easy to make. It took him a month or so to finish it. I paid $800 for it. I didn't realize it was a bargain until one day when I had a visitor in our house from California who sold metal art. He took notice of my chandelier. He said, if he was to make it, he would sell it for $2,600 to $3,000. Wow! I got the chandelier for a bargain. It looks beautiful at night when lit. In fact, it is the main attraction of the living room. In the future, should I decide to move again, for some reason, I will make sure I take that chandelier with me.


sesame said...

It's so unique and tasteful. I would like something like that. And your house oozes so much warm. Very cosy and beautiful!

cruise said...

i like your kitchen, the style and setting. the native material accents is really cool, plus the addition of indoor plants gives life to it.

Belle TH said...

thanks sesame. at first, we thought it was huge but after it was hung, it fit just perfectly.

Cruise, thanks for admiring my kitchen. that is where i spend most of my time, second to blogging.

vernaloo said...

Hi Belle :)

I also love your chandelier! Very nice and looks like an antique one :) Twas indeed a bargain :)

Belle TH said...

thanks Verns,

i don't like those fancy ones that give off too much light. It gives me headache.

Chateau said...

Hi Belle! You got a very nice house! I like the idea of an open floor plan. My house, when we get to build it hopefully in the near future, would be like that too, and without any second floors! haha, i'm tooo lazy to climb stairs... Love the chandelier. :)

Senor Enrique said...

That is erally a wonderful ceiling fixture! I would've wanted one for myself. I once eorked for a couple of years at the light department of a premier furniture store in NYC and became quite a lighting expert at one point. Later on, when putting my living space together, I would first work out the lighting system before thinking of anything else.

You do have pretty talented craftsmen in Arizona!

Belle TH said...

thank you senor. am glad I opted to have my chandelier custom made. it came out way better.