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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Story of a River-- Reflections of a Young Woman

Excerpts from an essay composition that we could all learn from--year 2002.

I am like a river because my life has been a gentle yet somewhat rough flow of experiences that have shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. Just as the river begins as a nebulous rush of water but gradually shapes a distinct path, my life has gradually been shaped through trial and error. However, a river cannot flow without the help of the eroding sands beneath it, and I, too, have had people who have helped me and changed their ways in order to provide me with the best path available.

In all of my turning points and realizations, I chose not to dwell in the past, but, rather, learn from it to prepare me for the future. It is just like a river that never flows backwards--it always continues forward. When an obstacle gets in its way, it either goes around it or flows straight through it. However, a river cannot form without something to shelter it on three sides. My parents provided me with this protection.

My mother was a big influence on me because she taught me how to live comfortably while still appreciating everything. She grew up destitute on a tiny island in the Phil. Just like me, she did not date boys at an early age and was a tomboy. She worked very hard at school and strived to please her parents. She made sure that these values and ideals were instilled in my sister and me. Growing up, she did not shower me with lots of money so I would learn to spend wisely. She always shed tears of joy each time I won an award--even at my lousy choir performance.

From an early age, she taught me how to cook and clean. I have always been helping in the kitchen--baking, cutting, grating, washing, etc. Nowadays, I am too busy to do these things, but I liked doing it when I was little because it made my mom so proud. Now that I am almost going to college, I will know how to care for myself.

My father, on the other hand, always rewarded me whenever I did something good. Whenever I got good grades, he would give me money or a treat. This pushed me to always do my best. I do not get treats anymore from getting good grades, but I have been molded into doing my best that it is now automatic that I put a 100% effort into all my work. He also strives to keep me on the right path by putting me into interesting programs such a piano, ballet, and tap dance.

Throughout the course of my life, I have not paid much attention to how I believe I am perceived to be. I think that I am still learning and still flowing through life. I believe I am wise but a little dumb, friendly, kind, and funny. In the future, I want to be someone that a younger child would look up to. I want to be able to live life happily and hot have any regrets. I know I will go through many more experiences and obstacles, but I just hope that I will go down the right paths. I would have never become the person that I am without other people to help me. I am even thankful for the kids who bullied me, who made fun of me throughout my life because without them, I would never have grown wiser and stronger.

My attitude towards life is a very optimistic one. Since I am lucky enough to have had a wonderful upbringing, my future will only get better. I still believe to this day that no matter how much you practice your religion, what really matters is whether you reflect your belief onto others with kindness and caring. I know that love and happiness are much more valuable than money or possession. I still believe that a person who has many friends and no enemies is richer than a person with a million dollars.

I once heard a story about a little boy talking to his grandma. The little boy asked his grandma what were the ingredients to make a cake. The grandma said they were yeast, sugar, flour, and eggs. The little boy, disgusted, said those ingredients were gross and could not fathom how they could transform into a delicious cake. The grandma replied saying even the worst things can turn into something quite delightful. Just like troubling times can turn crisis into opportunity. After all, a river is made of tiny little atoms, bacteria, and dirt. What is more beautiful is a sight of a crystal clear river running through a beautiful forest.


sesame said...

Oh Belle, this is a very beautifully written piece. I really like your positive can-do attitude. I can just imagine the taste of your crystal clear river - full of sweetness!

kathy said...

This post reminded me of the times when I was a kid - my dad would also treat me with gifts and little rewards whenever I bring home an award from the school or from competitions. The things I received from him were not worth much, but these gestures had instilled in me the discipline of putting my best in everything I do, and to strive for excellence. :)

K said...

Beautiful thoughts indeed. No wonder you (we) love Catanduanes so much as we can always relate very much to the everydays life we had back there. I may be like the river too, at times we encounter difficulties but we never stop doing what's best for us (or family), life, like water must continue to flow.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. What a beautiful and inspiring post. It's true that life is not always an easy flow. Sometimes, the flow becomes a little rough but as long as you hold tight and remain strong, things usually restore to a balance.

vernaloo said...

"When an obstacle gets in its way, it either goes around it or flows straight through it"

that's my favorite line in the essay Belle. That is what I, we, should do when we are subjected to life's trials. We should face it :)

Thanks for sharing this...I actually read it aloud :)

pining said...

Is this written by one of your lovely daughters? It is beautiful as it is honestly written. You must be very proud of her :-)

KK said...

Hi Belle, It's such a wonderful piece. Did S or A write it? Regardless who, they both make you a proud mommy.

We are in the right track then, with regards to parenting Little K. We don't shower her with a whole lot of material things but we do send her to ballet and tap. Piano lessons later when our budget allows.

Question to your daughters: How did you not bend into peer pressure with regards to dating? Here in the US, dating as early as 14 is so ordinary.

julie said...

Who wrote this Belle? You must have been proud! She is good with words, expressing her thoughts with flair, and sensible too.

Belle TH said...

@sesame, my daughter loves nature. in fact, most of her poems pertain to nature.

Belle TH said...

@kathy, now we know that those awards, little treats, and praises can help motivate to strive for excellence.

@k, i would never have thought to compare my life to a river. now, that she explained it, i saw the similarities.

@rach, "as long as you remain calm snd stay strong", nice thought! thanks.

@verns, thanks! i will call her and have her read your comments.

@pining, yes, it was written by one of them when she was a freshman in high school. i only picked the paragraphs, and lines that strike a chord in my heart, and hopefully the readers' too.

@kk, actually if i posted the whole essay, it would have answered your questions. you are doing just wonderful with little K.

i will have her answer your question. it would be interesting to find out, too, from her side of the fence.

@julie, it was written by one of them in freshman year. thanks. the thing is, hindi ako nag paalam to post this kaya hindi ko muna ididisclose the name of the author.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. Just wanted to wish you a lovely weekend ahead. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and for the warm thoughts.

Regarding your question, no, I didn't take any scrapbooking lessons. I guess it's easy to get involve in it nowadays because there are so many scrapbooking materials available in the store. It's fun to do.

niceheart said...

Very beautifully and honestly written, belle. And at a very young age, freshman in high school. I also don't shower my kids with lots of money, but once in a while i buy them the stuff that they want. And I also believe in giving them chores around the house even at an early age.

It looks like you raised your daughters very well, belle. Good job! :)