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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Largest One-Day Food Drive In the Nation

First, I would like to thank all my blogger-friends who sent me emails and greetings for Mother's day. Happy Mother's day to all of you! I, along with my co-workers, were extremely busy today collecting food as we were delivering mail to help hungry families. This is a yearly event and is the largest one-day food drive in the nation. Last year, carriers collected about 70 million pounds of food nationwide--one of the biggest. Locally, we accumulated about 6,000 pounds of food and were quickly transported to our local food bank to replenish empty pantry.

So, for those of you living in the US, did you remember to set out food by the mailbox?

Yes, we do have families who are using or have used the food bank to survive. A chinese friend of mine lived off the food pantry for a brief period while going through separation. There are more people out there who are in dire need of food but too embarrassed to tell their friends and relatives about. It could happen to anyone of us anytime, any day, hence, the importance of giving.

Here is the conversation I had with my friend D concerning the food drive later this afternoon:

D: How did you do?

Me: Slow in the business part but I made up in the residential area. I picked up about 10 buckets of food. What about you?

D: Not too good. Those rich people neglected to set out food.

Me: {laughing and murmuring to myself) I wonder if they even knew what was going on.

Probably, most people were not aware of it. Believe it or not, my husband didn't know about it. I know we sent out cards to the customers reminding them of the food drive. Likewise, we had it announced in our local radio station, and even had it published in our local newspaper. My husband only reads first class mail, the rest, he tosses away in the brown file, which explained his unawareness. But hey, if for some reasons, you missed it, no big deal. You can still donate non-perishable food at your local food bank.

Taken Saturday morning along with my gorgeous co-workers. Can you find Waldo, este, Belle, in this picture? (geeesh, I forgot to suck in my abs and halata bang gusot ang damit ko? hehe)

I cleaned out my pantry last night and found these unused cans and boxes and asked my husband to set them out by the mailbox.

The next pictures show the food waiting for pick up.

I should have gotten more food than what is in this truck but my supevisor drove through my some parts of my route and picked up whatever food left out, which was a big help.


niceheart said...

You look like a bunch of happy workers. :)

Is this food drive for mother's day? Here in Winnipeg, we have a food bank called the Winnipeg Harvest and people can donate food all year round.

Happy mother's day to you, belle.

K said...

I think in HK we have these thing called "old clothes pick-up week" or something but not with food.

Do we have this in Pinas? If we do, baka abusuhin lang.\

What tummy? You look great (mababa ba talaga ang skirt dapat?) hehehe.

noemi said...

You did a great Job. Here's to a job well done. Happy Mom's day. Enjoy your day.

kathy said...

Hey, that's such a great community activity. I don't think there's such a thing as a food drive here in Japan. But I suppose something like that is organized when disaster strikes (like earthquakes!). But of course.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

NursyE said...

I think it is one of the great events here in the US. I have always been a part of this drive. I salute the postal service for this social act...

Lucky members of Belle's route, they have one sexy Pinay for a carrier...

Belle TH said...

@niceheart, yes, this is the food drive for mother's day, a yearly event. it is tiring but it is all worth it. we can also bring food anytime to our local food bank.

@k, i was laughing at your comments re: short cullotes. ikaw talaga, you noticed everything...hehehe. honestly, i wouldn't wear cullotes longer than that because it looks ugly and nanay looking. and besides i am trying to show off my legs...hehehe, just kidding.

@noemi, thank you! you do the same.

@kathy, this idea was conceptualized about 15 years ago by the association of letter carriers to combat hunger.

@nursyE, thanks amiga. don't my co workers look beautiful and kind? am so lucky to be part of the team of nice and caring people.

am glad you always remember to be part of this drive. God Bless your kind heart.

Wil said...

I also wasn't aware of the food drive. we also have food drives at work. I should get more involved like you. you're quite an example of charity. :) Happy Mother's Day, btw.

auee said...

hey good on yah'all. That's a really great effort to be doing this. Hay. Before we got our house I told hubby I want to be involved in our community but I never seem to have the time. But who knows when my son doesn't need me as much 'no?

pining said...

That's nice of you to take part Belle :-)
Here, they do collections in school Harvest something (I forgot) and they give it to poor families...
Happy mother's day and you do look good in a mini :-)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. It's heartwarming to hear about people like you who spend precious time helping the less fortunate. It's a trait that I find very admirable. You did great and hope that more people will be inspired by you. Take care!

sexy mom said...

that's Belle's trademark--always ready to help.

maybe we can replicate that in the philippines, no? there are so many people going hungry, so many beggars, so many desolate.

exskindiver said...

belle you have a radiant smile.
your actions speak volumes.
your heart is big and no need to suck in the abs.

vernaloo said...

Belle idol talaga kita!

Sana may ganyan din sa Pilipinas..hayyy wala eh.

Belated Happy Mother's Day my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Belle, this is a very good cause that the USPS is doing. We always look forward for this day. Last year we had to put some goodies underneath the mailbox coz it can't fit anymore. Last year they did a toy drive here in Florida, not sure if it was only the employees donating or it involved getting donations from the public too.