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Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Memorial Day Drive At Roosevelt

First off, I would like to familiarize my blogger-friends with what Memorial Day is (thanks to Anna for pointing that out). Memorial Day is a United States holiday that is observed on the last day of the month of May. It is the day we pay tribute to our men and women who had died while serving our country, the USA. Flag are flown half mast (ooops)in government and federal institutions as a sign of respect to our heroes.

During memorial day weekend, many people from different places in AZ, mostly from the cities, flocked to our place, which boosts higher elevations and cooler climate. Visitors camp out by the river, in the mountains or anywhere that is cool. Our main road, grocery stores, gas stations are jam-packed with people. It is like a madhouse. Sometimes, it is best to just stay home until the crowd has subsided.

This Monday morning, we decided to go for a long drive to Roosevelt lake which is about an hour-drive from home. I promised my friends to check on her vacant house once a month while they are away. We made sure that the drip system in the yard was in good working order. Of course, I took the camera along so I could take many interesting views along the way. I noticed that the lake is loaded with motorhomes, trailer, boats, and cars from all over places. There are so many activities that are taking place from boating, fishing, jet and water skeing, camping, and just merely sightseeing.

Roosevelt Lake was once the largest man-made lake in the world. When it is full, it can cover more than 88 miles of shoreline, big enough to hold large crowds. It is such a beautiful and popular place to cool down and to frolic around during hot summer days.

We have good memories in this lake with family and friends. When we hadn't sold our boat, we liked to spend our weekend here boat riding while the kids jumped in and out of the boat and swam like little fish until their lips turned purple and puckered. We also used to go fishing here and caught quite a bit of good-sized crappies.

My husband took the above two pictures of the lake and me.

Boats, motorhomes, and trailers crowded the shoreline for the memorial weekend.

This is the marina where people in the area store their boats.

The arch bridge was completed in 1990 right before the Roosevelt Dam was rebuilt

The Theodore Roosevelt Dam was built in 1903 for irrigation, electrical power, and recreational purposes.


Annamanila said...

Memorial day weekend! Much anticipated in the US ha? I guess I have to browse on what Memorial Day really is. Unless you'd blog about it? haha

Amazing pictures -- as usual from the photoblogger of the year! That's my not so humble opinion. lol

auee said...

Ah you also had a long weekend
:-) It was a bank holiday y-day here in the UK, too.
Unlike your trip though, our weekend was grey, cold & rainy.

SexyMom said...

now, now, now--posting pictures that get better day by day. cool, Belle, and look at that lass in the first 2 pictures by the lake, who would say she has 2 teen lovely daughters?

i also like your pictures of the arch bridge, belle.

Abaniko said...

Nice sights. Including the pretty lady in the pic. ;)

Anonymous said...

their favorite part is getting ice cream on the way back, lol

Belle TH said...

Anna, yes memorial day, labor day, and fourth of July are the much anticipated holidays in the USA. photoblogger of the year, huh? not even close. thanks though.

Auee, it was hot here last weekend, in the upper 80's and may have gotten up in the 90's. but it was not the humid hot, it was the dry hot. hope you had a great time.

sexymom, i am glad there has been some improvements in my photos. i do the trial and error method.

abaniko, thanks! that lady in the pic is my twin sister.

mihijita steph, yes, we love to treat ourselves with icecream to cool us down, but on this trip, we didn't have. am trying to stay away from it, and you know that.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. Happy Memorial Day! Glad you enjoyed your drive at Roosevelt. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. That's a beautiful scenery.

joy-joy said...

ika an tita belle ang asa pics? sigurado ka? huna ko su aki mo. hehehe. sexy pa pan-o. ingat po.

Belle TH said...

Rach, thanks! my daughter thinks that our favorite part of the drive to Roosevelt is treating ourselves with delicious icecream from the only convenience store there.

joy-joy, it is my twin sister..hehe. seriously, it is moi. tunay na morena.

KK said...

Impressive photos Ate Belle. You like a teenager in the photos ;)

Senor Enrique said...

Beautiful lake, Belle! Great pics, too.

In NYC, Memorial Day basically signals the day one can wear white shoes and white pants safely without committing fashion faux pax.