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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Graduate

My daughter, Lexie, is graduating in high school next Thursday. Oh, how time flies by so quickly. Not too long ago, she was just a timid little girl entering kindergarten, hiding behind daddy's legs. Now, she is all grown, ready to be boomeranged to college.

I took a whole week off and plan on spending the best of it with her. I might throw a small party the following day after graduation. Why the next day? Graduation is going to be held at 7 PM and so by the time the graduation ceremony is over, it will be a little too late for a party.

Last Tuesday, we attended her last spring concert at school. I didn't realize she was singing a duet of "Travelin' Soldier" with a friend. They sang really well.

Three graduating students from the modern choir were honored with a certificate and a pin by the choir teacher. One of them was Lexie.

When I went to work the following morning, I received bright and congratulatory wishes from my co-workers. It caught me by surprise as I don't subscribe to our local newspaper. Apparently, she was chosen by the Kiwanis Club, as the "Student of the Year" and the "Most Improved Student of the Year" by the PHS teacher. Kiwanis is a group of volunteers from the community dedicated to changing the world one child at a time. I asked Lexie what she did different this year that merits this recognition. She wasn't sure. She thought she worked just as hard in the previous years both in academics and community service. I gave her a pat on the back for a job well done.

She then asked her daddy to mount the plaque on the wall adjacent to her sister's "Young Woman of the Year" award.


K said...

Congratulations to your daugther. You raised your kid very well, Belle. It reflects on how a good mother and a parent you are to them.

A parent could have be more than prouder when their kids get awards or medals - it pays off all the hardworks and patience diba?

Well done. (Sana hindi malakas yung pagka-pat on the back mo sa kanya). Galeng!

Toe said...

Congratulations Belle! You must be a very proud mother. Lexie's high school achievements are no small matter... wow, to be recognized by the Kiwanis! Then her sister is Young Woman of the Year? Galing talaga! You and your husband are wonderful parents. Yes, your daughter definitely deserves a party! :)

sesame said...

Congratulations to Lexie! I'm so envious Belle...you really did a good job with your daughters.

pining said...

Yes, congratulations to Lexie, well done :-)
you must be over the moon!

ros said...

May your family be always blessed :)

dangkin said...

Congratulations to your daughter Lexie! :)

Also, congratulations to the proud parents! :)

NursyE said...


I can just imagine you, Belle and hubby as being the proud parents...

vernaloo said...

wow! I am so happy for your family Belle! :)

Congratulations Lexie...I'm pretty sure you're reading this. Always make your parents proud :)

Christianne said...

Congratulations to the graduate and her proud family!

auee said...

Woohoo! I can almost picture your surprise & delight on that piece of news. Congrats to your daughter!

sexy mom said...

congratulations to Lexie and to you as Belle. i am sure, you had a hand in the recognitions that she reaps. you raise your daughters well, Belle!

exskindiver said...

hi Belle,
wow what an honor.
that picture of lexie singing, you can just tell by her body language tht she is the type who is pretty, bright and talented--and yet humble.
no wonder she won the student of the year award too.
in a time when teenagers stereotypically get such a bad rap for being difficult--
you and your husband obviously have done something right.
would it be possible for you to post the "10 most important parenting lessons" you've learned to help those of us with younger children?

Chesca Silva

KK said...

Congratulations to Lexie, You, your husband and her Ate S(for setting a great example) . Dapat sabitan kayong lahat ng medalya. Model family award. Huwarang pamilya.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Belle. Congratulations to Lexie for such a wonderful achievement. I hope that she will have many more great opportunities in life as she graduates from high school and enters college. Good luck to her and hope she'll find more venues for her talents.

Thanks for visiting me earlier.

May said...

I so admire you for the way you raised your daughters. They are smart, talented, with their feet still rooted to the ground. And so beautiful too. Congratulations to both their achievements. What proud parents you must be!

I am a young mom, still a long way to go. I pray my son and the kids I have in the future will grow to be as smart, talented and humble. There are many things young parents can learn from you, Belle.

sheilamarie said...

oh wow! congratulations to your daughter! and also to you and your Hubby =) they do grow up so fast, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Belle, Congratulations to your daughter and of course to you and your hubby. Hats off to you :)