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Friday, May 4, 2007

Mourning Dove

When my husband was reading his book in the front porch overlooking the golf course, he saw a bunch of straw lying on the corner of the porch. He was about to remove it when he wondered where it came from. He looked up above at the vent where the gas fireplace came out of the house and saw the nest. Sure enough, there was a mourning dove laying eggs. So, what do you do? You leave them alone until they are done doing raising their brood and let them raise their chicks.

Suddenly, I heard my husband yelling

"Hurry! I think I might have a good blogging material for you!" my husband yelled.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Just hurry before it is too late and bring the camera!" my husband ordered.

What a cozy and comfortable place to lay eggs. I took picture here and there and she didn't seem to be bothered by the commotion we were making. The partner was looming around waiting probably for his turn to sit on the eggs but couldn't do the switcheroo as my husband was right below reading. Ahhh, they shouldn't be doing their business up there anyway as it is not good for the house. S stayed in the porch as long as he wanted and if they wanted privacy, they should look somewhere else like out in the wooods. But...you know how they are.


niceheart said...

Ha ha ha. Your husband's reaction made me laugh belle. Good blogging material. He he he. Now you also got him hooked. :)

rhodora said...

Naku, Belle! Ang bait naman ng hubby mo, very supportive sa blogging mo! hahaha!

On the other hand, though, I think the nest should be removed from the vent. I saw on tv once, a house where the vent was covered by a nest, and it resulted to poisonous gas circulating around the house. Just my two cents... :)

annamanila said...

Mourning doves? I wonder why they are so called? Black feathers? The way they chirp? Anyway, that's really good blogging material -- birds that prefer to nest indoors rather than out and not on the flora but on concrete.

Bilib ako sa husband mo Belle. A real partner in every facet of your life. Hats off to him.

Anonymous said...

hehehe...your hubby is funny! Sometimes hubs does that to me too LOL! Oh boy, don't we just love them?

KK said...

Ang sweet naman ng hubby mo, he immediately thought of your blogging material :).

It's vent for the fireplace and I assume you are not using it these days nor in the next months, maybe you can let the dove have their chicks then when they have all grown you can remove the nest. They might not go back to their nest if you move them right now.

Belle TH said...

@niceheart, he is very supportive of my blogging as long as I don't give out too much personal information daw. he is also my dictionary as he is wizzard at words.

@rhodora, yup! yup! gracias mi amiga. he bought me a telegraphic lens in preparation for the hummingbird season which is a few months away. we are not using the fireplace right now so it is safe for now. but once she is done, we will remove the nest.

@anna, the reason why they are called mourning doves is because they have mournful cooeing chirp, like cooo, cooo, cooo, very soothing and relaxing sound.

minsan pasaway din iyan, anna pero most of the time, mabait naman!

@mother of two, hehehe, he only recommends materials that are nature-related. hope you are doing fine with the baby.

@kk, you are absolutely right, and they probably know that too. that is what i just intend to do. you read my mind..hehe

K said...

So your hubby knows (and reads) your blog huh? Sometimes when my friends who silently read my blog and tells me what they read, I'm flattered and usually I "shoo them" off my blog.

It's nice to know that your hubby tells you what to blog about, turned out you easily follow orders. That was funny. hahaha.

Belle TH said...

hahahaha! he actually wanted me to blog about the pig in the makeshift pen that he saw along the road in the philippines. he thinks that it looks so unique. maybe for him, but not for us as it is so common back home.