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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oink! Oink!

As suggested for posting by my dear hubby.

kamote lifted at http://www.philippines.hvu.nl/vegetables1.htm

On the way to Virac, at Tilod, Baras, my husband spotted a pig alongside the road. Stop! Stop! he yelled. "I want to take pictures of the pig." Well, we had cooked kamotes in our car that we enjoyed eating for snack as they were delicious. You know when you have been away for so long, this root food suddenly becomes delightful.
When I was young, I usually complained when my mother fed us kamote for breakfast before going to school.

I whined "kamote na naman!

"It won't help me get through lunch especially I have to walk 3 kilometers to school in the morning" I added.

Well, I could either starve or force myself to eat it. On our recent trip to bikol, ironically, I mainly stuffed myself with this kind of food. It even appealed to my Japanese and American friends to the extent that they even favored it over any other popular local goodies to bring to Manila for our baon. What so funny is, while in hotel lobby, my friend offered kamote to one of the filipino guests only to be refused. I told my friend, kamote is considered a peasant food. She was completely surprised because not only it is preservative-free, sugar-free, organic, cheap, delicious, and at this day and age when obesity is rampant and health problems are on the rise, this food is nothing but good stuff. We ate it with fresh shredded coconut flakes and lato. It reminded her of Japanese white potato.

I got sidetracked...let me finish my story...

Anyway, my husband took the kamote and fed the pig with it. The pig looked customarily hungry, not wanting to deny any handouts, a beggar at heart. We were yelling at my husband not to feed kamote to the pig on his palm as the pig might chomp on it. Of course, he ignored our warnings. Evidently, he knew what he was doing as he raised horses before. He cupped his hand so it would be safe. The pig ate the kamote out of his hand and oinked for more...oink! oink! oink! I said "that's enough, save some for our hungry stomachs,"

In exchange for food, the pig was kind enough to pose for some pictures. He was accomodating and leaned up against the pen to show off his body. My husband and my American friend had a blast! They thought it was cute! The villagers were wondering what was so cute about that creature that all it does is eat, eat, root, and oink all day long.

Of course, he oinked him a thank you.


rhodora said...

So, this is the pig. Buti pa siya na-feature sa blog mo! hahaha!

Belle, watch out, there might come a time when your hubby will have his own blog too and 'outblog' you! If ever, I imagine him to be more zealous than you are, stopping here and there to take pics! hahaha!

niceheart said...

That is a cute story. Reminds me of the time when we used to live in Cavite. Our landlady bred pigs and she had pigpens at the back of her property. The pigs are close to where our bathroom was, sort of an outhouse. So their oink-oink has been a common sound for us. :)

KK said...

I like Kamote from the Philippines too. So much that I tried to sneak uncooked purple kamote through the airport. I wanted to eat(time constraint, I wasn't able to eat them in Baguio). These were purple but not Ube. Anyway, hindi nakalusot- it was seen through the x-rays.
Peasant food nga ang turing sa Pinas. But you know, our pediatrician encouraged us to feed Little K with mashed sweet potatoes. There are alot of food in the Philippines that are considered gourmet here.

You're hubby is very brave for feeding the pig with his hands.

dhawell said...

hahahaha. oink! oink! wish i was that pic featured in this blog. hehehe

chateau said...

Seems like your husband really enjoyed his visit!
Since i've been trying to lose weight, I've rediscovered kamote. Boiled kamote is a great snack after a workout. Good source of healthy carb, di ba?
The pig reminds me of our oinky pets way back - Pinky, Dinky and Binky we called them! My sisters and I took turns feeding and bathing them, and cleaning their pens.

Heart of Rachel said...

I remember going to the province when I was in grade school and my grandmother had piglets. I wanted to bring one home so badly.

Then one morning I heard that they were going to slaughter one of the adult pigs to make lechon. I asked my Uncle to take me far away as possible so I couldn't hear the pig cry.

I still ate some lechon when it was cooked. haha!

I like eating kamote from time to time. I like it boiled with a little butter or as kamote cue.

pining said...

Oh what a lucky pig! He must be thinking it's his lucky day :-)

Anyway, we have kamote here too (coming from the west indies, I think) I buy it regularly, my toddler absolutely loves it! Definitely good food!

annamanila said...

Oh, so those are camote. I thought they were some kind of giant longganisa. And the pictures were before and after pictures. hahaha

Thanks for the heartwarming funny story. Your hubby is a real cowboy ha. And the pig a real trouper.

kathy said...

That pig looks like the star of the movie "Babe" - hehe. But of course, don't all pigs look the same? :D

I love eating kamote, but I always make sure that I don't eat too much...you know what happens when you've eaten too much of it, heheh.

auee said...

P'reho tayong nostalgic when going to Pinas, to think I've only been away for 6 years. I buy sweet potatoes here & boil them. Since tiga-Leyte si hubby gustong gusto. I used to feed t to my son, too, as mashed kamote.

Remember this song? "Eat kamote, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you ut*t" hehe

zherwin said...

the pig reminds of of Babe, only bigger. hehehe.

i also used to eat kamote in the province, either boiled or camote que. after eating kamote, we will usually tease each other as to who will fart first. hehehe

Toe said...

Ahahaha! Cute story! Funny how the things we take for granted, other people find fascinating.

The camote must be like kangkong... lowly yet very nutritious and delicious.

K said...

I used to think that a PIG is considered a pet in every household. I was young that time and little did I know that na kakatayin lang pala sila pag dating ng Fiesta.

Then we sell the meat per kilo except for the pig's head. Masarap kasi syang gawing litson-paksiw.

Belle TH said...

rhodes, you haven't seen a pig? my husband and our friend took picture of everything that was unusual for them. they wouldy say, "we don't have this in the US."

@niceheart, same story with my brother. he has the pigpen close to his bathroom. not only your hear many oink-oinks, but it smells bad!

@kk, masarap ang purple na kamote, my favorite. masarap din yong light yellow and the texture is medyo firm, not soft. next time, try wrapping in foil, and packed it in your checked in luggage.

@dhawell, my husband thought the pig was an interesting blog material.

@chats, kamote is a healthy carbs. try eating it with kinayod na niyog, masarap! so, you experienced being around pigs, too.

@rach, i felt the same when they butchered pig. i went as far away as possible so i wouldn't hear the squealing.

@pining, it is good that your toddler loves eating kamote. my little one prefer potatoes flavored with sour cream.

@anna, this is your first time to see kamote? my husband really enjoyed his visit and is looking forward for the next trip.

@kathy, i didn't know that kamote makes you go to the bathroom often. hehehe.

@auee, hehehehe...the more you eat, the more you tot! same with beans.

@zherwin, dai ko naexperience iyan. kasi siguro the kind of kamote we ate were firmer.

@k, dito, they throw away the head but when the grocery learn that there is a big demand for heads, bones, and chicken legs among asians, they now sell it.

vernaloo said...

hahahahah so cute Belle!

I also love kamote but yeah..some people do have that thinking, you know, that it's a peasant food but what the heck..it tastes good!

see! even the pig liked it hehe

annamanila said...

Of course I know kamote. It just seemed different at first glance with my less than 20-20 vision. I like kamote too .. in ginatan and putsero.

sexy mom said...

pang Charlotte's Web ang pig!