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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Breathtaking Unadulterated Sceneries in Catanduanes.

I thought I would showcase Ces Valeza Aguilar's photos of Catanduanes. Ces is my first and only wedding Goddaughter. She has a knack at taking pictures, which deserves recognition. The picture above is of Alcantara Resort located in Marilima, Virac, Catanduanes. I stayed in this resort the first time I took my whole family in Catanduanes. It was a beautiful and quiet place. On a clear day, we were able to see the magnificent "Mayon Volcano."

This is the famous Puraran Beach, internationally known for surfing. Awesome place!

The Marilima Beach, Marilima, Virac taken at sunset.

These last photos were taken by Dave T. The photo above is of Viga bay located in the northern part of Catanduanes. As small as Catanduanes is, it is ironic that I haven't circled the whole island and I may do just that on our forthcoming trip, hopefully. And it is coming soon...yeheey!

Beatiful Tokyo Falls located in Pandan, Catanduanes. This is another awesome place I have yet to see. So many beautiful places to visit, so little time.


KK said...

Ate Belle,
Ang GANDA pala sa Catanduanes. It's breathtaking! The cove, is it privately owned? Oh my Gosh, it's so beautiful. You are so lucky to go soon. Alam mo, it's ironic, it's only now that I am discovering the beauty of the Philippines. But even if I knew about them back then, I didn't have the means to travel. I have to go back to work to enable us money to travel around. I will be looking forward to photos from your trips.

Christianne said...

Wow, Catanduanes is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I can't wait until my daughter's old enough to appreciate all the wonders of the Philippine islands... sa ngayon hirap pa mag-biyahe kasi baby pa lang siya e :)

aryo said...

Hi Belle.

Thanks for visiting my site and for the nice words regarding my mother's medical condition. I truly appreciate it.

And Catanduanes looks great. Nice pictures indeed! Sana makapunta ako dun one day. I'd probably pass by pag umuwi ako ng Samar.

ces said...

hi ninang!

thank you very much!
hope we can have more pics to display sooon...

below is the link

vernaloo said...

You got an amazing province Belle. I love Viga Bay :) mahal kaya pumunta sa Catanduanes?

rhodora said...

Oh, my God! Your home province is BEAUTIFUL, Belle! No wonder you are so proud of it. Don't you wish sometimes that something as beautiful as this place won't be invaded by tourists? I hope this beauty will be preserved forever!

sexy mom said...

hi, belle, i regret not joining my husband whenever he travels to camarines sur (catanduanes is there, isn't it? if you say that mayon is within sight). it's so beautiful! do enjoy your coming trip, and have a safe flight.

mousey said...

i hope someday i can step my feet in your place. wow! what a spectacular sceneries. that is one of my wishes to visit visayas & mindanao. i've never been there.

iskoo said...

sa init ngayon dito sa Pinas parang gusto ko magbabad at magpabasa dyan samga falls sa catanduanes, di pa ako nakapunta dyan, sana balang araw mabisita ko rin ito.

exskindiver said...

hi belle,
nice pictures.
i am book marking your blog so that when i get a chance to go i know whom to contact for explicit instructions.
i read your school supply drive and i want you to know that that makes me happy. if you visit my blog you will know why.

Belle TH said...

@KK, I am like you, I didn't even have the means to savor the beauty of my little province.

@christianne, welcome to my blog. when kids were little, we rented motor home and travelled all over the USA. motor home is just like a home on wheels and it is kids friendly.

@aryo, hope your mom is doing just fine. so, you have experienced a lot of typhoons, too, since you are from Samar?

@ces, well, well, welcome to my blog my dear inaanak! thanks for letting me showcase your beautiful pictures of our place.

@verns, i love Viga bay too and I might visit it on this forthcoming trip. you can travel to Catanduanes by bus, one way, for a Ph1,000.

@rhodora, you are back! hope you are feeling better. honestly, i don't think Catanduanes will be a bustling tourist site (at least not for a while) because it is pretty laid back although there are hotels, resorts, and cottages available for rent.

@dine, has your husband travelled to catanduanes? thanks! although this trip will not be as fun because of the recent typhoon devastation.

@mousey, catanduanes is in bikol region, hehehe. you are welcome to go there anytime, it doesn't cost much.

@exskindiver, visited your blog already but didn't have time to leave comments. i have been very busy lately kasi. will visit your site regularly from now on. kudos to you girl for the good thing you do to your poor kababayans.

Cai said...

I was just telling my husband how much I would like to chill on the beach! Sigh...

Beautiful place =)

faith said...

Hi Belle,

Thanks for leaving your comments and tips. I really appreciate it.

Wow! Beauuuutiful pictures.One of my best buddies is from Virac, Catanduanes, and I agree with him, mas maganda pa ito kesa sa boracay, and malinis pa. One of my brothers-in-law is from Pandan, Catanduanes. My 3 sisters and I are beach addicts. Maybe when Faith is a year older, pwede na kami pumunta sa catanduanes and caramoan (another spectacular place.)

Re: if I have relatives nearby. My eldest sister lives in the same subdivision, although we don't spend time that much anymore bec. she is a workaholic kasi wala pang anak. It's sad that my friends have slowly drifted away bec. I've been so preoccupied with maintaining a household and raising my daughter. This is why I thought of having a blog, and am I glad that I have made wonderful friends though blogging. I hope that you'll be one, too.

Dios maray na aldaw! When is your trip?

We personally brought relief goods to Albay last december.

Dios mabalos for everything that you're doing for our kababayans.

faith said...

btw Belle,

I am based in Metro Manila, Pasig, to be precise.

dexiejane said...

wow that's beautiful. i love waterfalls. hope to bring my family there someday.

K said...


I wanna meet Ces. I used one of her shots way way back (from my old blog) about how beautiful our province really is. When it calms, it's a haven, but when there's a typhoon, you'll never want to call it Paradise.

I love the life in Catanduanes, Belle, it's the simplicity of everything, ika nga, "simple life, simple problems". And comes high and hell waters, diyan pa rin ako uuwi.

*the first shot was BOSDAK and it doesn't look the same now today, I mean the cottages*.


Belle TH said...


you have relatives pala in pandan. i haven't been there. it takes forever to get there kasi because of poor road condition. my husband said the whole Catanduanes is only 30 to 35 miles long, but it takes 4 hours or more to get from virac to pandan.

i think it is good for mothers to meet at one place once in a while to talk about kids and parenting, maybe, you can find those mothers here at PMN.

nice of you to help our kababayan. we organized a typhoon relief operation to help them with the recovery.

good luck sa baby mo on sleeping pattern.

mabalos ning dakula sa pag bisita mo sa site ko.

hi dexiejane,

i love waterfalls, too. i can probably stay there for hours. thanks for the visit.

K, you haven't met Ces, huh? once in a while she visits my blog. she is a good photographer, isn't she?

Bosdak ba yong first picture? I thought it was Alcantara Resort, ask natin kay Ces. Iba na siguro ngayon kasi binagyo, pero they will fix it soon.

ano, paribod na ngani ta mahilingan kita duman sa puraran.

faith said...

Hi Belle,

Magagayun na maray ang mga aki nindo, pareho ng nanay.

Re: Pandan, naku, my youngest sister gets sick everytime their family goes there. Once, she and her husband insisted on going there despite a typhoon, ayun, nasira ang honeymoon naming mag asawa kasi I panicked when I called up the folks in Pandan and wala pa sila dun by nighttime.

How wonderful to meet fellow bicolanos while blogging.


kathy said...

I've never been to Catanduanes - I didn't realize that it is so lovely there! Great pics! Wish ko makabisita don at saka sa Albay someday. Nope, I've never seen Mayon either. Pity, isn't it? :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Spectacular photos! Ces takes beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

I've never been to Catanduanes before. It looks like a promising place to visit. There are so many places in the Philippines that I have yet to discover.

zherwin said...

and now i have to add catanduanes to my now-long wish list, if time (and money) permits, hopefully next year, but wait we have caramoan peninsula for next year!!! waah. :)

Chateau said...

Wow, beautiful photos! But I'm sure the place is 100x lovelier that these photos! I've never been to Catanduanes, actually, never been to anywhere in the Bicol region. Ang ganda!

agnes sales said...

great photos you do our province proud